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Monday, August 18, 2008
A couple weeks has passed now since my last post. A couple of things have happend since then. I was able to get the floor of the deck completed. All that is left now for it is the railing. We might be able to get it completed sometime this Saturday I hope. We also got a new TV for our living room. We upgraded from a really tiny 19incher to a 32. It fills the entertainment center a little better now. I like it. Thing at work have been pretty normal for both Allie and I. There really isn't all that much to report on from that. This week Allie is working the early shift though so she has to wake up at 5am every day this week. I think she likes that better in a way though because she gets to be off by 2 and have most of the afternoon left to do stuff. This past weekend Allie and I went down to Durham, NC to visit Allie's dad and family down there. It was the first time we had seen them since the wedding. We had a pretty good time and it was fairly relaxing. Then last week Allie, Becca, Alison and I went swimming at a local pool here in Lynchuburg. Its the first time Allie and I have been swimming it quite some time. It was actually pretty fun. the water was kind of cold though. It wasn't quite hot enough outside to make it comfortable. We had a good time anyway. Over all not much has really happend around here though. Pretty typical for the most part. We just got back this evening from haning out with some friends of our (Pete and Julie) we went out to dinner at Jazz Street Grill. That was a pretty good time. Anyway, I guess that is all I can think to write about now. Bye for now.
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