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Thursday, October 16, 2008
Hey all - almost another month has past since my last update. Life has been really busy recently though. Allie and I both go to bed really tired when its time for bed. I can't really think of anything specific that we have going on, but it just seems like there is always a lot to do. We have been looking for a new dog for the last few weeks. I don't think I ever blogged about it but we had one for about a day but then it ended up running away. We chased it for about 2 hours but it would never come. We lost track of it crossing a road and we haven't seen it since. It was really sad. Now we have been looking around for one that we like again. Also I ended up getting transferred to the other building at work. I'm getting used to the whole parking thing and I'm starting to settle in now I think. Over all life is doing well - we've just been staying busy doing all kinds of "life" stuff. We are having fun though. This weekend Allie and I are going to an apple festival with her parents and a few other friends. The weather is looking like it will be a clear day for that so that should be a good time. Anyway, thats all I'll write for now. I need to start getting ready for bed. Night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 10:34 PM 

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