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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Hey All! I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope everyone will be able to reflect on what this time really represents. This time is about the birth of Christ and not about santa clause or getting "stuff". Use this season to spread the joy of the true meaning of Christmas!

Allie and I have plans to head down to North Carolina for Christmas to spend a few days with Allie's Dad down there. After Christmas my sister is going to meet us down there and we'll drive a little further south to Atlanta. My mom is going to be coming to the east coast to visit with her parents down there so We'll make the trip down there to visit them also. It should be fun. I never was into long car rides though so I'm not really looking forward to that part of it. But it should be worth it. This will be Allie and my first Christmas together as a family so that is pretty exciting also.

Yesterday evening Allie went and spend some time with the "ladies" at her moms house. Becca and Brittany where there also. I'm not sure all what they did but it sounds like they had fun. While they were doing that Chuck and RJ and I went to the movies to see "Eagle Eye". I thought it was a pretty good movie. There was a lot more language then I expected though and it was kind of distracting in some parts but the storyline was a good concept. Anyway thats all for now from me. Merry Christmas everyone!
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Hello everyone! This is Allie again - Jeremy doesn't have much time to write blogs so I decided I'd write another.

This past weekend, my mom and I went to Connecticut for a friend's wedding. We left early on Saturday morning and stopped in Hershey, PA. I've decided I really like Pennsylvania. It's pretty and there are a lot of decent sized cities (versus Virginia, where it's pretty, but all the good cities are in the north). Hershey was fun - I finished my Christmas shopping and bought myself some clothes. Mom and I ate at a Red Robin, which I've decided I don't like. It's the second time I went and my burger was pink - gross.

When we got into New York we realized that I had made a mistake with directions, and our route was about to take us through New York City. THAT was crazy! Of course we got there at 6:30 p.m. on a Saturday, so everyone and their mom was coming in to the city. All those movies you see with New York drivers honking their horns and cutting you off and driving completely illegally - all true. I have a whole new appreciation for mom's ability to drive. At one point we were in a tunnel and a car crashed into a truck directly in front of us. So then three lanes of traffic had to reduce to one, and mom had to push her way into oncoming traffic when no one wanted to let her in. That was scary, but God got us through it all.

Jackie's wedding was beautiful and I'm so glad that we went. I'll put some pictures up soon. We sat with some people I knew and had some good conversation and that was fun. On the way back we stayed in Scranton, PA, which is where my favorite TV show, The Office, is set, so that was cool. It's a nice city and we did more shopping there. We got back about 8 last night.

While I was gone, Jeremy hung Christmas lights on the porch, fixed someone's computer, did the dishes, slept, played with Maggie, watched movies, and slept some more. That was the longest we've been apart since we've been married. **sniff**

In other news I'm getting a wisdom tooth removed on Thursday. And that's all. Adios!
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Monday, December 08, 2008
So, how do you like the new website? We decided we would turn Jeremy’s old personal website into a new family website. Jeremy did all the hard, technical work of switching it over, and I did all the fun, artsy work of designing it. Pretty cool, huh?

Life is good. We are still enjoying Maggie (whom I like to call Maggie-Noodle-Puppy-Doodle-Fuzz-Butt). She has definitely chosen Jeremy as her favorite person. I guess we have the same taste in men.

Our most recent house “project” has been killing the mice who have eaten 5 loaves of bread, a whole bag of chips, much candy, and other assorted mouse delicacies since they decided to move in. We finally trapped them. Yay!

We had a fun Thanksgiving – we spent it at my parent’s house, and there were about 16 of us total. We’ll be traveling a lot around Christmas-time: North Carolina, Georgia, and my mom and I are going to Connecticut next weekend for a friend’s wedding.

Well, that’s really it for now. Hopefully we can keep you updated a little more often now.

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