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Saturday, July 13, 2002
Today after work I went to go help a friend of mine move from his one room apartment to a two bedroom in the same complex. So we were running back and forth from one house to the next with handfuls of stuff. We walked by the pool so many times people always looked at us weird for awhile until they realized what we were doing. After we got everything moved except for the vacuum and the plunger we went to the new place and hung out for a while. We watch "Star Blazers" its a really old Japanese cartoon the graphics are so bad its funny, and the translation is funny sometimes too. "That’s Ok".

On the way home we hit an opossum. At first we see this thing run across the street and we thought it was a dog or something so I slowed down we're like noooo! Then we see it closer and we're like Yeah! The weird thing was it completely missed the front wheels and it was in the middle of the car still running across. We get that weird feeling.... Did we hit it? Then Thud you hear it go under the back wheel. Strange enough when you think about hitting an animal on the road you think "Thud Thud" This was just "THUD" yes only one not two it was weird. So we find the next block and do a U-turn we had to pass by it twice just to see how squishy it was.. It still looked intact.. How rude! That was my first Opossum experience - Those things are so stupid. I think I'll make another trip out tomorrow to see how it looks after a good sun-dry. Maybe I'll bring a spatula (I wonder how much road kill café pays for good fresh meat). Oh wait my mom said I couldn’t use one of hers I guess that won’t work out. Oh well..

posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 2:05 AM 

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