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Saturday, September 21, 2002
Assignment for you all. Go to www.google.com Then do a search for Jeremy Dillinger Guess who is on the top of the list... I'm number one on MSN, Yahoo, and excite as well. It looks like I'm moving up the ranks in the cyber world. Also while you have the Google search up. Click on the Microsoft Page, its the 3rd in the list. This is the article I wrote and it will be published in the MCP Magazine for the October Edition.

Besides finding out my ranking on the net, the rest of the day went well too. Tonight we watched Monsters Inc. out in the grass, outside a window, 3 rooms down from mine. That was pretty fun. Classes went well and work did as well. A couple of my freinds introduced me to their familys that they brought up for family weekend. It was nice to get to know some of them. Well I'm gonna go for now. Talk to you all later.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:40 AM 

       Read my archived posts! Click Here