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Wednesday, October 23, 2002
I liked today.. everything went well and it was pretty fun too. I was able to stay awake in all my classes today, and I didn't even have to fight it off. Today in Health class we came across the subject of the amount of preservatives in food. I was reminded that a twinkie had a shelf life of 13 years and it is 80% preservatives. Now I'm in the mood for a good hearty twinkie. I'll have to go buy some tomorrow. Then today at work I was part of an onsite call. They are building a new school here in Lynchburg and so we went and gave them specs on what they would need and we assessed what we could do for them and things. It was pretty fun. Right now the school is still dry wall and frame on the inside. The outside looks nice though. We will probably start with the setup sometime around the 1st of December. That should be really fun. Then after work, I went to Dinner and a lot of the Gang was there so I had people to eat with today. Then after that I had absolutley no homework tonight to do, so what do you think I did? Yep I did homework, I just started reading my book for my computer class. (What? I like that stuff). Then sometime around 9:00 Laurie and Justin and I ran a lap around the campus. We finished around 10:30. I think it was about 3 miles. We didn't run the whole time though, we walked for quite awhile too. After doing that I came back to my dorm and read some more. Then Kat came over and she wanted me to burn a CD for her. So once I copied that for her, I brought it to her window and then I stayed and talked to her there until curfew. Then I talked to her for another 40 minutes or so on the phone after that. We just talked about a bunch of stuff. Hey Danny, I asked her if she had talked to you online yet. She said she hadn't very much but she'll try next time you write her. After I got off the phone with her, Drew came in to see if he could borrow one of our bags of popcorn. He ended up burning it to a crisp.. our hall was filled with so much smoke for about 10 minutes you couldn't go out without your eyes watering. I ended up eating some of the pop corn once the smoke died down. Everyone was like "gross". In my opinion it wasn't too bad. Not like I would pick it over regular popcorn, but still, it wasn't that bad. Then I got hungry tonight after eating the popcorn I was scrounging for some food. I ended up finding a granola bar that I had put in my backpack for lunch back when I was in Highschool. I think it was from either 10th or 11th Grade. I never really brought those my senior year. But anyway it was so smashed I practically had to drink it. It was like eating sand just about.. I still have some all over my lap. I haven't gotten up since I ate it. It was a tad stale but it killed the munch monster. Well that brings the day up to the present time right now. So I guess I need to go ahead and quit now and head to bed. Unless I started making up stuff. But I won't do that. So yeah.. good night.

My comments issue still stands, I'm just waiting for you guys to catch on and actually do it. The same person posting twice doesn't count. So Come On!!!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:35 AM 

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