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Monday, December 02, 2002
Hey everybody. My website is finally working once again (as you can see). I stopped doing these after Wednesday because I had no idea how long it would be before my server would finally come back up. Well, now that it is I can start in on where I left off. (I will do the one for today later tonight) Here is what I did during the rest of break in reverse chronological order. You might want to scroll down to November 24th and read upwards. That’s when the vacation really started. All of these will only have one comment box since I added them all in the same day. So you will have to comment for all of them in one window. I know you can do it though. =)

~ Sunday December 01, 2002

Today we went to Becky’s church. I really enjoyed her church. It was a little different from mine, and it would probably take some getting used to, but they sure know how to worship the Lord there. After church we went out to lunch at a pizza place with some of Becky’s friends. They make really good pizza there. Then right after lunch Kat and I started the trip back to school. We got caught in some massive Washington DC traffic. You have no idea how fun that is with a stick shift car… and to top it off no working heat in the car. Anyway we made it half way in about 3 hours. That’s when we stopped back at her Mom’s house to get some of her stuff. Her mom is so cool!! She made us one more home cooked meal before we came back and got stuck with Marriot food for another 3 weeks. Also she got me some clothes and a bag full of snacks. Its like a Christmas Present early. It was great. After we gathered up all her stuff we hurried out the door and we were gone by around 6:30 from her place for the last leg of our trip. There wasn’t much traffic so that was a plus. The driver’s side headlight on my car was out though so I had to drive with my bights on most of the time when there weren’t any other cars on the road. But as you can see, we made it back safe! Yea! Once we got on campus we unloaded all our stuff. There was a whole bunch of stuff. My van was cram packed, I’m telling you that right now. It was cool though. Anyway once I dropped all my stuff off and she got all hers I went to the store. I bought Kat a nice red rose and then I came back and gave it to her and thanked her for letting me spend the week with her and her family. She seemed to enjoy that. After that I was finally able to come back and see my roommate. Then we decorated our window with Christmas lights and I unpacked and got all settled in again after our week off. I didn’t get to bed until around 2:30.

~ Saturday November 30, 2002

When I woke up today Matt was gone. It turns out he had to go to the DMV because he had physically lost his license and he needed to pick up a new one. Later when he got back we found out that he wasn’t able to because he is currently living out of state for college and he would need to get a license in the state of his residence. So he had waited in line for no good reason. But anyway after he got back the four of us went out to breakfast at a pastry type shop called “The French Confection” Then after that Matt had to go and catch the subway because he was heading home that day. So we dropped him off and let him go. This was the time again when Kat and I were going to head down to her mom’s house again so we could be halfway there for when we left on Sunday and I could go to her church and everything. But then Kat decided she wanted to stay another day again. I didn’t really mind. The only problem I had was that I had to share her with Becky. Whenever Becky is around she seems to talk to her more then me most of the time. Its not that I feel left out, I just wish she could talk to me as much as she talks to Becky. Even when we are alone we sit there in silence a lot of the time. Oh well I don’t mind sharing I guess. Well anyway, after Matt left, Kat and Becky and I went to go see The Santa Clause 2. We bought our tickets, but the movie wasn’t going to start for another 30 minutes after that. So, while we waited we went into a craft store that was next door and smelled all the flavors of candle that they had. After about 30 candles a person gets kind of sick though. But anyway once we finished there we headed over to the theater again. It was a really good movie and I recommend watching it when it comes out on Video, or even in the theater if you do that very often. Once the movie was over we headed back to Becky’s place and Kat and I had some leftovers from the thanksgiving dinner. We cleaned out all their leftovers. Kat finished off most of the Stuffing and I finished off most of the Leftover turkey. It was good stuff. During that time we watched some Ice Skating and then Touched by an Angel. Once those were over we put in another movie. But both of us fell asleep again through it. I woke up for the last bit of it though. Then we just headed off to bed after that. We were going to wake up early and go to Becky’s church in the morning then head back home. Well that pretty much concludes what we did on Saturday.

~ Friday November 29, 2002

Today we slept in for a while then we went with Becky because she had to go get a haircut. She put her name down on the wait list then we went for breakfast at Dunkin Doughnuts. Then while Becky was getting her haircut Kat and Matt and I browsed around in Radio Shack for a while (It was next door to the haircut shop). After she finished we went back to her house because Becky had a soccer game to play in. It was something like 28 degrees outside though it was so cold. Kat and I were going to stay and watch the game. But a person could get frostbite just sitting there on the bench so we just went back to her house and talked and did some homework while Becky played her game. We had fun just chilling there in the much much warmer house. (Get it? Chilling – warmer… oh never mind.) After her game Kat and I were going to go back to her mom’s house, but she decided to stay another day. So instead, the four of us went to the Mall and shopped around for a while, we had dinner at Red Robin while we were there too. We were there until around 9:00 when everything started to close. After that we just went back to Becky’s house and watched another movie. I can’t remember what movie it was though. I think its because I fell asleep on Kat’s shoulder and then finally woke up when it was over. Anyway after the movie Matt and I separated to our room downstairs and hit the sack.

~ Thursday November 28, 2002

This morning we woke up around 10:00 and had a quick breakfast. After we ate Kat and her Dad went to go see her grandpa at the hospital. (We stayed at his house but he wasn’t there.) Then her step mom went off to see some of her family. I stayed at the house and cleaned up some and did a little bit of reading while they were all gone. My mom had called Kat while they were out so I wasn’t able to talk to her but I ended up talking to her later. Once they all got back to the house we did some final clean up and packed the cars again. Then we headed off to her cousins house for our Thanksgiving Day meal. There were about 20 people at their house. The food was great too. We had it buffet style, It was fun. Kat accidentally left her camera at her cousin’s house though so she was a little upset about that. At around 7:00 Kat and I left early because we were going to drive up to Maryland to stay with Becky. Everybody said we would get lost. Well we showed them =) we made it there in about 45 minutes without a hitch. It’s all thanks to my little navigator that was in the passenger seat and God of course. Anyway once we got to Becky’s house it was pretty late so we just met her parents and hung out there for a while and watched a movie. I think that’s when we watched “Joe Somebody” that is a great movie. After that we just headed to bed. Becky had a guy friend staying with her over the break too. His name is Matt. I stayed in his room while the girls stayed in Becky’s. I didn’t mind Matt but he has some strange opinions on some things. It was ok though, he was still an acceptable guy to share a room with =). Well that just about covers it for today!

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