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Tuesday, July 30, 2002
We finished up the school we were working on today at work so tomorrow we head off to a new school. Tomorrow I have to go to my other job as well. I think I'll have tons of work to do there tomorrow. Tonight I've just been replying to e-mail and chatting. I had so much e-mail today. Not just junk mail but legitamate stuff. So that is a good thing. Its just hard to keep up with. I also had some Seahawks tickets mailed to me from a freind today. Its for the first game they play in the stadium. It will be this Saturday. It will be cool to be one of the first people to go in the new stadium. I'm watching First Kid right now. I recorded it off to TV on sunday. Well I think I'm going to go now. Bye for now.
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Monday, July 29, 2002
Today I was at chuch most of the day. During the afternoon though I worked on the website for my dads work, then I just chilled and watched some tv while I learned some stuff on the internet at http://www.newscientist.com/lastword That is a fun site to read. Then at night I went back to church for the evening service. Today was pretty relaxing not much to talk about I guess. Yeah I guess thats it for today. (Yeah I know I'm boring).... =)
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Sunday, July 28, 2002
I just got back from my grandmas house. I was over there today since about one o'clock. I had to go and fix some computer problems she had. Then we watched "A walk to remember" Its a good movie. Before I went to her house I helped melissa move to her new apartment. I worked on that from 8:30 until I had to leave for my grandmas. It was pretty fun.. and her dad gave me 20 bucks for helping. I thought that was pretty cool of him. Anyway I got my grandmas computer fixed and everything, I also set it up so I could fix it from here if I have to by remote control so that will work better. Ok well good night
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 2:09 AM 

Friday, July 26, 2002
Today I finally got a break at work, I only had to do 3 computers today. I didn't have to run around all over the place. (not like it don't like doing that though =) Then after work I went and talked to a counselor at the college I'm going to, to figure out what classes I should take and stuff and just learn about certain things I need. Now I'm just checking my e-mail and writting this Blog. I decided to do this early today because we're about to watch a movie and we'll be watching it on this computer so I didn't know when it would be over. So I guess I should go so this computer will be open.
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I was on part of the team that worked at our last school to finish up. My supervisor put me in charge because he would be at the other site. We ended up getting done by lunch and afterwards we were able to go to the site where everyone else was. We finished the two schools just in time to end the day. After work mike came over again and I taught him some more about NT then we finished up the Lego computer box. Its all ready to go except for one thing. I need an ATX power supply as soon as I get that we can boot it up! I did end up taking some pictures of before we started and after we finished. I might upload those sometime soon. I also found a really cool website on the internet all of you Computer guys would like. I bet you don't know that tommorrow is System Network Administrator Appreciation Day You should check it out. Today I had to run over to my church to fix a slight computer problem they were having over there. It was a quick fix and I was in and out of there in about 45 minutes. No harm done. Well I think thats good enough of an update. This is Jeremy Dillinger Signing off...
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:30 AM 

Wednesday, July 24, 2002
Today I was in charge of taking care of another lab at work. This one was much better though because I had a rolly chair. So I was rolling around all over the place today. Some of the computers had a bunch of problems though so It took quite a bit longer then it should have. 3 of us will be going back tomorrow for clean up while the rest of the group goes to another school. After work I started working on that letter of application. I got that finished so I hope I have everything together now I so turn it in tomorrow. I also had a little bit of work to do for college stuff. Now I finally got done with everything so I can finally relax for a little bit. I might work on that graphic for my dads work now. Well bye for now.
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I was able to mostly finish the computer lab today at work. I was running around all over the room though. I didn't even get a chance to sit down much. I did get a chance at that breakfast pot luck for about an hour that was pretty nice. I decided to bring some strawberrys, that worked well.. nobody else brought them. After work today I had to head over to my other job as well. They just got a new server setup and I have to get it all ready. It should only take me one more day and it will be ready to go (I think), I also need to setup an e-mail server for them. That should take a little longer considering there are about 5 different people I'll need to contact to get that working. Tonight I've been filling out an application for a full time job for my school district. I finished the paper work but I just need to make a cover letter now and then I'm all set. Well I have a couple more things to install on becca's computer so I'm gonna go do that now.
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Tuesday, July 23, 2002
Hey, I've finally gotten all the computers fixed. Things never work how you like them to. I had to do it a compleatly different way to get it to work. I'm tired and I don't have time to do anything else tonight. I was supposed to work on a graphic logo for a website.. It looks like thats not going to happen. Tomorrow at work we are having a pot luck breakfast. I wonder what I can bring for a breakfast. I am in charge of doing an entire lab at work today and tomorrow. I have to do about 36 computer all by myself. I hope I can get them all done in time. I haven't worked on my Lego computer all weekend either.. I should get a chance to do it tomorrow though. Well I'm going to go to bed now.
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Monday, July 22, 2002
Hey guys, sorry I didn't update this over the weekend.. I was pretty buisy this weekend. I barely had time to check my e-mail. I've been fixing computers, helping out some people and I wasn't home most of the day saturday and sunday. I'll try to give an update tonight when I get home. Bye for now.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 11:42 AM 

Saturday, July 20, 2002
Today at work my supervisor bought us all pizza, that was pretty cool. He's a nice guy. Afterwards one of my co-workers came over for awhile. I told him I would teach him some stuff on NT operating systems and networks. He showed me a bit on programing as well. After that Todd and Andy came over for a bit as well and we played some Half-Life. We only played that for a bit then we started to work on that Lego case. We made it so the board and powersupply fit in now. We only need a couple more layers and we can put the top on. I was thinking we could make an operating system for it and call it. "LegOS" thats "Leg - OS" get it?? ... yeah ok. so bad idea. Ok well Danny just showed up I better get going.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 2:25 AM 

Friday, July 19, 2002
I went around to some colleges today to see what I can do. I ended up signing up for the compass test. After that we'll see what happends. After I did that I ended up going to work it was late but I still got some stuff done. Tonight a bunch of friends came over too. I decided to start a project. I'm making a computer case out of legos... so far so good. i'll let you know my progress as I go. Ok sorry I didn't have many details.. only time for an overveiw. I'll write more later.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 2:06 AM 

Thursday, July 18, 2002
Today I had to take an unexpected trip to my other work today after my first job. They were having some problems over there again today. I was able to get that taken care of though. I had lots of people I didn't know write me today on AIM. It was fun to meet all those new people though. I met like 12 people. Tommorow I'll be going to my college and setting up the classes I need to take for next year. I'll have to skip work for the first part of the day. I may make it back in time to go late though. Well I'm gonna go for now.. people are still writing me some more!
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Wednesday, July 17, 2002
I forgot to write a blog for yesterday. I got buisy working on a project to help out my dad and then it got pretty late. So I went to bed without even thinking of writing another post. I was making a logo for my dad's work. It turned out pretty nice too. Anyway yesterday at work went ok the school we're working at right now has a really weird layout. I can't even describe it. It would make an awsome half-life map though. =) Well I'll try not to forget to write the post for tonight. I should go though, I'm at work right now.
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Tuesday, July 16, 2002
Its late so I need to write this quick. I'm pretty tired. Today the building I was working at had free popsicles. It was nice of them. We got done a little early today though so we went to a different building and had a small meeting and stuff. Other then that today was rather routine. None of my computers broke today so I just came home and watched one of the tapes I recorded off of tv and chatted with some people on the net. It was pretty relaxing today. Well I'm tired so I'm gonna head to bed. Good night all!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:31 AM 

Sunday, July 14, 2002
Danny stayed the night last night. Then this morning we went to church. A really good friend of mine (I call her Mom #2) and her husband showed up today at our church. She lives in Nevada but she was up here for the weekend. After church we went out to Lunch at Zoopas. If you don't know what that is, it's basicly a buffet style restaraunt. Its pretty good eatin. Then after that they came over to our house and hung out here for awhile. I had to show her the movie my friends and I made. She thought it was great. They ended up leaving around 4:30. I wish they didn't live so far away. Then around 5:30 I went to night church as well. A lot of the youth was gone tonight though. Well I'm going to watch a movie so I'm gonna quit for now =).
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Today we went shopping around for computer parts. I am building a computer for my sister for when she moves out. I was able to get her a pretty decent one for $400. Before that I had to help a freind of mine move a couch from a garage sale to his place. (I think it was a pretty ugly couch though). Anyway we got that all done. Then later he was cleaning his room to make some space for it and then it turns out he gets so much stuff out of his room that I need to go and help him take it to the dump. So I headed back to his place again to that. He ended up buying me a slurpee though so it wasn't all bad. Through out all this driving back and forth we decided to swing my road kill opossum. Somebody must have beaten me to the punch and pryed it off the asphalt already because it wasn't there when we got there. (I wonder if it was good eatin??) I guess I'll never find out.
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Saturday, July 13, 2002
Today after work I went to go help a friend of mine move from his one room apartment to a two bedroom in the same complex. So we were running back and forth from one house to the next with handfuls of stuff. We walked by the pool so many times people always looked at us weird for awhile until they realized what we were doing. After we got everything moved except for the vacuum and the plunger we went to the new place and hung out for a while. We watch "Star Blazers" its a really old Japanese cartoon the graphics are so bad its funny, and the translation is funny sometimes too. "That’s Ok".

On the way home we hit an opossum. At first we see this thing run across the street and we thought it was a dog or something so I slowed down we're like noooo! Then we see it closer and we're like Yeah! The weird thing was it completely missed the front wheels and it was in the middle of the car still running across. We get that weird feeling.... Did we hit it? Then Thud you hear it go under the back wheel. Strange enough when you think about hitting an animal on the road you think "Thud Thud" This was just "THUD" yes only one not two it was weird. So we find the next block and do a U-turn we had to pass by it twice just to see how squishy it was.. It still looked intact.. How rude! That was my first Opossum experience - Those things are so stupid. I think I'll make another trip out tomorrow to see how it looks after a good sun-dry. Maybe I'll bring a spatula (I wonder how much road kill café pays for good fresh meat). Oh wait my mom said I couldn’t use one of hers I guess that won’t work out. Oh well..

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Friday, July 12, 2002
I had to go back to my other work today after the district job. They had a Database that needed some tweaking. I also had to upgrade a computer to Windows XP (XPeriment) <-- =) Everybody ditched me tonight and went swimming. I'll all by myself tonight, It doesn't bother me much though its kinda peaceful. I've been working on a website for my dad's work tonight. I'm just getting the layout done right now.Ok well I don't have much today so I'll leave it with this short post. Talk to you all tomorrow.
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Thursday, July 11, 2002
Today at work we had a pot-luck thing for lunch. It was for one of the employees birthdays, it was pretty fun. Other then that the rest of work was pretty regular. Tonight I tried to go to our churches prayer meeting but it turned out that tonight was a buisness meeting instead. So They said all the youth could go and pray in a different room So thats what we went to go do. There were 7 of us. I got home earlier then I expected so I did one of those online survey things. I sent it to a bunch of people. Katie came back tonight with her computer again. I had to setup one more thing for her. She didn't know how to do the DSL modem. I also need to fix my digital camera drivers on the computer that crashed yesterday. I was just doing that before I stopped to write this. Well I'm going to get back to it, it needs me.
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Wednesday, July 10, 2002
Today my Server Computer Crashed and burned... I've been working on that since I got back from work. I finally got it working now though. I was also simultaniously working on a freind of mine's computer. She needed a reformat so I worked on that as well. I had a full day of work today too. After I was done with my district job I had to head over to my other job today too. They will need me again this week so I'll probably go again on Thursday. Tomorrow I'm off to a new building again, I hope I can find it easily. Ok well now that all my computers can work right, now that the server works again I think I'm going to head to bed. TTYL
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Tuesday, July 09, 2002
I'm getting back in the groove of working again. I need a four-day weekend every month. Can you help me with that? Great. Thanks. I certainly appreciate it. This "time off" will be far from productive, mind you. Sure, there are always tasks in dire need of completion, but most hours would be spent perfecting breathing techniques. In and out, in and out, getting in that precious staring at the wall time and... Taking care of my hobby " I collect lint, I like to count things, I also like reading the lables on food packages, I also like to chew gum." Anyway the true purpose of this post is to say my comment feature is now working. Give it a try. I think it works now. It the little link below the time stamp that looks like this "comment(0)".. Don't let it stay zero people bring on the comments. Peace!
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Monday, July 08, 2002
Today was a pretty strait forward day. I just went to church then hung out at home over the afternoon. I've been working on backing up my harddrive too. Thats going slow, but well. Then I went back to night church and that was pretty much it. Right now I'm trying to setup a comment feature for this blog. It should work soon. Thanks to Ronnie Leonard for the idea. Well I'm going to go eat something then probably head to bed. I'm off to work early again tomorrow.
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Sunday, July 07, 2002
Today I went to my friend Jennifers Grad party. She lives in orting it was pretty fun, there was lots of good food too. Today I filled out an application for Liberty Univeristy, I had to write an essay too. I don't think I'll be going there but I still did it anyway. Alex came over tonight too. He'll be staying the night tonight. Ok well I better go for now, I'm working on making a backup of my Harddrive.
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Friday, July 05, 2002
Today I slept in till one o'clock. It was great. I still didn't feel to well though. Right now I don't feel too bad though. Maybe I'm getting over it. Today I worked on Louis' computer. We finally got it working tonight. There was something wrong with his harddrive. But we got an OS on it finally. I also had to help setup a network down at Danny's today they wanted to have a network party. They are all down there playing games now. I decided I should come home though Since I wasn't feeling too well. Alright Well.. I'm gonna go for now. Talk to you all later.
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The party was mostly fun. It was at a friends house on the beach. They made a bon fire and had tons of fireworks too. There was a barge out in the water too that had a bunch of fireworks as well. Over all it went well. I'm tired once again though. I think I'm sick or something.. I haven't felt well since I've been home. I'll go take my temperature or something. Ok well good night.
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Thursday, July 04, 2002
Hey everybody! I'm back home now. I ended up winning 5th in the Nation for the Technology Concepts. I guess thats not too bad. As soon as I got home last night I had to go to sleep. I was so tired. We didn't sleep at all the night before so I was up for about 48 hours. I was dizy and couldn't stand very well. The Plane trip was fun though. We had quite a bit of turbulence on the way home. I kinda like it. The in flight movie was "Big Fat Liar" It was ok I guess. It kept us entertained. Well I pretty much just woke up and I have a bunch of things to do. I'm going to a 4th of July party tonight too. I might write how that went afterwards later. But for now I better get to work on the after trip work that needs to be done.
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Tuesday, July 02, 2002
Today I'll probalby be fixing my laptop part of the day. Right now I'm using my other roomates. I guess it works ok. Sorry Mom about last night. I saw your e-mail that you were waiting for me but I was never able to get online. Sorry about that. I'll also find out tonight wether I win anything or not. Right now I'm hooked up to the 5MB T3 line downstairs. Its all uncomfortable down here because you have to sit on the floor but I guess it works. Well I may still get online tonight but It depends on if I get my laptop working or not. We can't be outside of our rooms past 12 here so I wouldn't be able to come down and use this cable. I'll need to get mine working in order to use the modem. Ok well I'll hope I get it working Talk to you all later.
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Hey - My Laptop crashed and burned last night so I wasn't able to update the Blog. I did write up what I was going to put yesterday below. It is a little late though. Just remeber this was for Monday:

Monday July 1, 2002

I took one of the open tests today, it was pretty easy too. I don't know how many other people took it though. There could have been quite a few. Today we rode the bus to K-mart we bought enough food for the rest of the trip for only 30 bucks, it was a much better price then we could get here. We also stopped to get some Little Cesars Pizza while we were out as well. We could have gotten 3 for the price of one here at the hotel. Then we had to hurry back because we had a Washington State photo we had to be at also. We made it back in time though. After that we just chilled in our room with the door propped and we had some people come in and out. We also started to watch Wallice and Gromit. We had fun with that. After that Ian took his guitar out and his case and played in the hall. Some people threw in money.. he made 7 dollars. Then some more people hung out in our room until Curfew. Today we didn't get much done, we just relaxed mostly after our grocery shopping trip. Ok well I'm gonna stop now, we're watching the matrix until we go to sleep.
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Monday, July 01, 2002
I took my test today. It wasn't that hard. There were a couple questions that it could have been multiple answers. It was kinda like taking the SAT, they try to be sneaky. I slept in for a long time today too. It was nice. We also had a regional meeting today. (western, eastern, central) that kind of stuff. Well we had a room that had a wall down the middle. The techs didn't realize the sound system was one big one. Then when each group tried to talk into the microphone on there own side of the wall. But to everyones surprise we could hear all of the other regions talking in theirs too. It was quite funny. Then they started talking to all the other regions even though we couldn't see them. Then we later did the march of dimes.. Walk America thing. It was pretty useless. Tonight we didn't do the party in our room. We only had about 5 people and we watched Tarzan. Everybody was at a party on the 4th floor tonight. Because they had food. I don't blame them. We'll probably try again tomorrow. Well I think I'm gonna go.*
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