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Thursday, October 31, 2002
I was pretty tired today I fell asleep in all my classes again. Good thing we didn't do anything important in any of them today. I've gotten lucky. I had a pretty fun day off work today too. Not that I don't like work, but the day off was kinda nice. The main reason I took the day off was because I had to go help out for a kids carnaval at Thomas Road Baptist Church today. If I did I got extra credit in my GNED class, I decided I probalby should attempt to do that. But anyway I didn't have to go there until a little later after classes. So right after Lunch today in the time between I went to go see a movie with Kat. We did end up seeing "A Master of Disguise" I thought it was pretty good, it was pretty funny too. Anyway, we had a great time! Then it was pretty fun working for the kids carnaval too. We were setting up stuff for candy for the kids. There was so much candy, its not even funny. There was probably about 100lb worth all together. Plus there were a bunch of other Liberty Students there as well so I met a bunch of new people. I also brought Virgina along with me as well. I'm not sure If I've mentioned her before in my blogs, but I met her at Hyland Heights church. She is a pretty cool girl to hang out with. After we all worked and got done for the day, they gave us snacks, we got to have some candy and cookies and Soda it was well worth the extra credit points I think. =). On the way back to Liberty after that, Virgina and I stopped at Wal-Mart. I had to return a steering wheel cover that I bought because it didn't fit. I was able to get one that did though and it was even cheaper, you gotta love that huh? I also bought some wrapping paper so I can wrap stuff for presents for people. I chose the Veggie Tales paper. Its pretty cool! Well Thats just about all that I did today, I'm up to another Routine day tomorrow though, I better get some sleep so I can stay awake in my classes =). So I guess I'm done talking for now... night!
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Wednesday, October 30, 2002
Today I had a test in my GNED class, I think that went ok too. But I'll say the same thing about that as I did for yesterdays test, except change Anus to Rump Roast (for Katies Sake). I also at breakfast for the first time today since I got here. I was in the mood for some scrambled eggs, I haven't had those for so long. They don't add any cheese to them though.. That wasn't good though so I had to do it myself, but it was a little cold so it didn't melt. So yeah they weren't the best. But it was still worth it. Tomorrow I have the day off work because I will be going to Thomas Road Chuch to help out in a kids program for some extra credit. I could have gone to work for a couple hours, but I decided just to take the whole day off. My Boss is cool like that =). So after classes tomorrow for the couple hours before I have to leave to help, Kat and I were going to see a movie we were thinking of seeing Master of Disguise. I'll let you know tomorrow if thats what we ended up doing. Tonight I watched an episode of Smallville it was last weeks episode. It was pretty good. It seems like that is turning into more of a teen show like Dawsons Creek or something though. But its Superman though so as long as it stays superman I'll keep watching it. Well I think thats just about all for today, I already lifted my weights for today so I'll be heading strait to bed. Good night my faithful audience!!
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Tuesday, October 29, 2002
I had a test today in my Comptuer Science class. I'm pretty sure I did better on this one then the last one, but then again - that statement could bite me in the anus soon enough. Lets hope not though. Then today at work was a little interesting, some funny/strange stuff went on but I'm not going to talk about that so you can just sit there and be courious. So anyway... Then after work I had dinner with Laurie and Hannah I ate really quick though because I had to run back to the dorm and call Kat. I was going to take her to Wal-mart (wallyworld). So we ended up doing that around 7:30. It was fun shopping actually tonight, but I had stuff I needed to get to so that kinda helped. I lost my shampoo somewhere and I don't know where so I had to go buy some new stuff, but thats ok I was almost out anyway. I also had to get a new steering wheel cover because mine is slowly starting to rip to shreds. I found a pretty cool one. I haven't gone to see if it will fit yet though. I also bought a Whinne the Pooh DVD and Monsters Inc. I also bought a couple grocerys. Then we stopped at the Christian book store afterwards cause Kat wanted to see if they had a CD she wanted. But it turns out they were sold out. So anyway we just headed back to campus. After dropping off my stuff at the dorm I went and met one of Kats freinds in another Dorm on the other side of campus I talked with them for about 15 minutes or so then I headed off to late night dinner. Then after that I could finally head back to my dorm to stay.. I was there for all of 5 minutes today. Then when I got back here AIM wasn't working right all over campus so I had to work on fixing the network problems.. I finally fixed it and when I signed on I was the only person online. I ended up having to tell a bunch of people how to by pass the stupid network problem. So for those people it seems to be working now. It took me like 30 minutes to figure it all out but I finally had success. Well I think that just about covers everything for today! =) it was an over all pretty good day. Bye for now
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Monday, October 28, 2002
One thing I like about sundays here is that it is a lazy day. Yeah... I missed morning church again cause I slept in. I did make it to night church though. But I was able to sleep in until 1:30 today, the only reason I got up was because they closed lunch at 2:00. So today for lunch I decided to eat every kind of cereal they were serving. I ended up eating 8 full bowls of cereal. It was some good stuff. Then the thing I don't like about sundays.. there is nobody here to talk to. Everybody always goes home and leaves me here by myself. I ate every single meal by myself. A friend of mine named Virgina came over to talk to me a couple times but one of us was either leaving or coming at the time. She did end up coming and talking to me at my window for about 45 minutes though so I at least had company for 45 minutes today. So the rest of the day I just kinda sat here and then went to eat then sat here some more then went to eat then went to night church then sat here then went to eat, now I'm just sitting here. So yeah! sounds like a great day huh? Well I think I better get going, I better go and sit here some before I head to bed, I need to do some of that this weekend since I haven't had a chance yet.
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Sunday, October 27, 2002
Ok, today was another fun day at work, we played games a lot of the time, and I got to work on that server some more. Then after work the rest of the day was a pretty lazy day besides homework. I've been working on homework since 4:00 today. My brain is starting to hurt so I'm thinking I should head to bed soon. Its a good thing we get that extra hour of sleep tonight. So yeah I think I'm going to head to bed now after I finish talking to Kat online. So good night everybody!
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Saturday, October 26, 2002
I forgot to write this before I went to bed last night so I'll just do it now. Yesterday at work was pretty fun. We got a new server so I've been working on setting it all up. We will be doing that for the school so I was going to try and setup everything the same like it would be at the school so I can make sure I know how to do everything we need to do. But I love to do that stuff so that was a great day at work. I still never finished yet though so I'll have to work on it a little bit more. Then after work I went to go get a hair cut, I kept the same style just got it a lot shorter. Hardly anybody has seen it yet, so I don't know what people will think of it. Then after that I just worked on some homework until around 2:00. I wasn't only doing homework, I was also doing a couple other things.. but mostly homework =). Well that just about covers yesterday. Normally I would say good night right here but since it is the middle of the day now I'll just say. Good Day!
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Friday, October 25, 2002
I got nothing... Just a regular routine day today. Good luck finding something to comment about on this one Danny!
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Thursday, October 24, 2002
My website is down today, it went down around 5:00 I think. Hopefully it will be back up by the middle of the day tomorrow. As for today it was just a regular day, the only thing I did today out of routine was do laundry tonight. I did some with Heather, Laurie and Zack. It was funny doing it with Heather because she didn't want us to see her laundry so she would try and hide it. She would run it from the bag to the washer and then quickly change it to the dryer.. She would scream if a guy got close. That was pretty fun! We teased her for it and said "you better watch out or I'll open up the dryer and look in." =). But anyway thats about all I did today. Still a good day though, even though I had a midterm in English and Math. Not sure how I did, but I think at least passing quality. So yeah I'm glad thats over with. Well thats all for now, I gotta go lift some wieghts then head to bed. Night!
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Wednesday, October 23, 2002
I liked today.. everything went well and it was pretty fun too. I was able to stay awake in all my classes today, and I didn't even have to fight it off. Today in Health class we came across the subject of the amount of preservatives in food. I was reminded that a twinkie had a shelf life of 13 years and it is 80% preservatives. Now I'm in the mood for a good hearty twinkie. I'll have to go buy some tomorrow. Then today at work I was part of an onsite call. They are building a new school here in Lynchburg and so we went and gave them specs on what they would need and we assessed what we could do for them and things. It was pretty fun. Right now the school is still dry wall and frame on the inside. The outside looks nice though. We will probably start with the setup sometime around the 1st of December. That should be really fun. Then after work, I went to Dinner and a lot of the Gang was there so I had people to eat with today. Then after that I had absolutley no homework tonight to do, so what do you think I did? Yep I did homework, I just started reading my book for my computer class. (What? I like that stuff). Then sometime around 9:00 Laurie and Justin and I ran a lap around the campus. We finished around 10:30. I think it was about 3 miles. We didn't run the whole time though, we walked for quite awhile too. After doing that I came back to my dorm and read some more. Then Kat came over and she wanted me to burn a CD for her. So once I copied that for her, I brought it to her window and then I stayed and talked to her there until curfew. Then I talked to her for another 40 minutes or so on the phone after that. We just talked about a bunch of stuff. Hey Danny, I asked her if she had talked to you online yet. She said she hadn't very much but she'll try next time you write her. After I got off the phone with her, Drew came in to see if he could borrow one of our bags of popcorn. He ended up burning it to a crisp.. our hall was filled with so much smoke for about 10 minutes you couldn't go out without your eyes watering. I ended up eating some of the pop corn once the smoke died down. Everyone was like "gross". In my opinion it wasn't too bad. Not like I would pick it over regular popcorn, but still, it wasn't that bad. Then I got hungry tonight after eating the popcorn I was scrounging for some food. I ended up finding a granola bar that I had put in my backpack for lunch back when I was in Highschool. I think it was from either 10th or 11th Grade. I never really brought those my senior year. But anyway it was so smashed I practically had to drink it. It was like eating sand just about.. I still have some all over my lap. I haven't gotten up since I ate it. It was a tad stale but it killed the munch monster. Well that brings the day up to the present time right now. So I guess I need to go ahead and quit now and head to bed. Unless I started making up stuff. But I won't do that. So yeah.. good night.

My comments issue still stands, I'm just waiting for you guys to catch on and actually do it. The same person posting twice doesn't count. So Come On!!!
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Tuesday, October 22, 2002
Today I had my regular monday routine. I was able to stay awake in all my classes today (even Math) So that was a plus. I went running tonight with laurie around campus. That was pretty fun. We went all over the place. Then after that I revised Katie's Homework assignment. She does good work. Then I talked to Kat and Laurie online some after that. Now I'm just stuck writing my blog and reading some stuff for homework. Tomorrow I will take a really short lunch because I need to be at work by 1:00 tomorrow. I will help out with a service all to a new school building. We are going to build the network from scratch. =) thats always fun. Well I think I'm going to go ahead and quit writing now before I get too boring on you.

Oh all you people that wrote comments for yesterday.. nice work but I said "six DIFFERENT people" so I can't tell you yet until that happends.. I'll give you another chance with the comments for this one. Go ahead.. Make my day!
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Monday, October 21, 2002
Today I slept in until two o'clock. I really needed the extra sleep. I hope it helps for monday. I woke up to a phone call from Laurie. She wanted me to setup some stuff on her computer. So I woke up and got dressed and she brought it to my room. She left it here with me to setup from about 3 till 6 then I went to dinner. They had the best mashed potatoes there tonight not sure why they were so good but they sure were great! It could have been because it was over 24 hours since I had eaten last too, but everyone else said they were good too. So I'll take thier word for it =) Then after dinner, Lauie sat with me until around 9:30 and I showed her how to use all the stuff, and we went through and picked songs she wanted on a CD. We got it mostly working. There were a couple glitches but she had to go and install something on her computer that came with it first before I can fix those. After she left I worked on the photos page. I ended up adding a couple more www.jerdill.com/photos - Take a look if you want. There is a really good one of my roomate on the picnic table. When you see it you'll know what I'm talking about. After I finished with the photos, Kat came to my window for a little while until curfew to talk to me. Then I helped her setup some stuff on her computer by remote control after curfew. I was able to show her how to do all that stuff with it. Well that just about covers it for today. But I know your all wondering if I got a ticket for my parking spot last night. Thats too bad.. like I'm going to tell you! I think I'm just going to leave you hanging though. I'll tell you what though. If I can get 6 different people to comment about it on the comments section I might tell you. (no cheating). Well good night all!
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Sunday, October 20, 2002
I was at work today from 10 to 3. I ate at McDonalds for the first time since I left today for lunch. Then I realized I wasn't missing much, but where else can you get full off of 2 bucks? Andy also took half the day off today, so It was just Scott and I at work for the better part of the day. It always seems like whenever Andy leaves, then we get a huge rush of people that come into the shop. We handled it pretty well today though. After Work I went to dinner with some of the gang and then they decided to go to "ScareMare". ScareMare is like a haunted house but it is run by Liberty. They call it a reality house. After going through it they present the gospel to you and they use the fear as a tool. They are like, "If you think that was scary just think what hell will be like" It seems to work pretty well. They've had over 100 people every night get saved so far. Personaly I didn't like it all that much though. There was a four hour wait in line, then it costed 5 dollars also. It could have been much better if the line was only an hour or so and maybe only costed 2 or 3 dollars. By the time you finally get to go through you don't care anymore and just want to leave after standing for four hours. But putting all that beside It was pretty good I guess, I probably wouldn't go again though. Well, maybe I would if I was able to go with someone I really wanted to, if you know what I mean. Otherwise its starts to get boring after the first two hours in line. Also I didn't get back right on time for curfew, so I don't know if I will get in trouble for it since it was a school related thing. But I guess I'll find out. Since we were all really late I wasn't able to park in the pit like I should have and I had to find a spot close by our dorm. Some people told me that it is fine to park there on weekends but thats another thing I guess I'll have to wait and find out on. I hope they are right. Well I guess thats all for tonight. Bye for now.
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Saturday, October 19, 2002
Today I went in to see my financial advisor and get some issues worked out. I think I'm all set now, at least thats what she said. Today I fell asleep in my math class again. You want to know whats really annoying? Yeah you do... its when you go to bed really early so you can get lots of rest and then when you wake up you feel more tired then you did if you wouln't have gone early. Do you know what I mean? Classes were all normal today, nothing spectacular happend in them today. Had lunch with Laurie, Jessica and Hannah today, then my roomate chris came over and joined us for a little while after that. While I was a work today some guys from my dorm came into the shop. I sold them some High end speakers, He really likes them. I think they are about the same quality as mine. We were supposed to get a college for a weekender this weekend but he never showed up. So I don't think we are getting one now. I hope we get one next month though when we do this again. I was looking forward to having a little buddy to pick on all weekend. Now I'll probably get bored and have to resort to homework again. I'm just to productive, its like a disease or something. Well tonight I ate dinner with the big gang. And then stayed after and talked with some people until around 7:30. Tonight Liberty had a free concert for everyone. It started at 7:00. The groups that sang were "Among Thorns" and "Stacie Oricco". I only popped my head in for about 10 minutes, then I left because I had to do some homework. Plus it was dark and I never would have found any of my freinds to sit with so I just went back and wrote my english paper. Once I finished my paper I started talking to people online and I started talking to around 9 people. It started to get crazy, not only that some people wanted to talk to me in my dorm too so I was talking to a bunch of people. It finally died down and now i"m only talking to 2 people again. Right now Kat and Jen (from back home). Jen is working on an english paper too. I think hers will turn out well. I miss her a lot too, I hope I can see her over christmas break or something. Kat was doing ScareMare today. That is kind of like a haunted house but it is a christain atmosphere. She said she had a great time. Well I think that just about covers today. I'm going to go ahead and post this now. I'm not sure when I'll actually go to bed though, since I'm talking to people still. But I'll still say good night!
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Friday, October 18, 2002
I think I'm going to write my blog, then turn in early today. I've averaged 3 1/2 hours of sleep every day this week so far. But anyway besides being so tired and have dazed all day classes went pretty well. I had a test in my health class today and I think I might have done ok. I guess we'll find out soon enough though. After classes I had lunch with Kat and Hannah. It was a fun time like always! After lunch I headed strait to work. Not much out of the ordinary happend at work today so there isn't much to talk about there. I do always have fun at work though. The rest of the night was pretty boring, but I finished up my homework and helped a couple people fix their computers tonight. Then after that is when I decided I will go to sleep early. There isn't anything I need to do tonight so I think I will take advantage of it. Now I just need to wait until 12:01 to post this blog. I have to keep it consistent so the blog shows up in the next day slot.. since thats how its been latley. So I'll just quit now and wait. =) .... ok. Its time now!
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Thursday, October 17, 2002
Today was another long day for me. I left at 8 didn't get back until 9:30. I had the classes, then I had work. After work I went to church and That went from 7 till 9. So that was kinda long, if was fun though. Then after Church, I came back to my dorm. I've been working on that photo album for all of you guys. If you want to see it, go to www.jerdill.com/photos. Then Click on the new Liberty Photos link. I hope you all enjoy them. While I was working on that I was also helping Kat out on her computer. She wanted to make a CD but she didn't have a CD burner. So I talked her through sharing out the files over the network. Now I have them on my computer and I will make the CD for her. Well thats about all I have for today. But I know you will enjoy the photos. Good night!
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Wednesday, October 16, 2002
Hey This is the blog for Yesterday.. the Server was down and I couldn't post it. =)

Hey everybody! Last night I only got 4 hours of sleep, its fun stuff I'm telling you. We were up watching "We Were Soldiers" until around 3:30. Its a really good movie though and I'm glad I watched it. I was pretty tired today though, but I only had two classes so I slept in between the two, that kinda helped. Oh also I tried to wake up early to take a shower but the water heater was broken so I couldn't after all. I ended up going to a different bathroom all together between my two classes to take one. After all the classes and after work, I ended up taking some people to Wal-Mart. I took Zack, Hannah, Kara, Micah, and Katie. Once I got there Zack got a phone call and needed to go back again. So I had to drive him all the way back again. I didn't mind much though It only took another 10 minutes. So after I dropped him off back there I went back to Wal-mart once again. The only thing I really needed was some mouth wash so I got that and just hung out with everyone until they were ready to leave. After taking everyone back to the dorms I drove down to the pit and then walked back to mine. Today was kind of cold too but I was wearing a really cool jacket that Kat gave me. It's a yellow Aeropostale Fleece, Its pretty warm too. =) (Thanks Kat!). Well after I got back to my dorm I started working on the pictures I took at Red Robin. I was able to get them all organized now I just have to figure out how to display them on a webpage. I think I should be able to get them up on the net by tomorrow. Then for all you guys that don't know what my friends here look like now can! Aren't you exicted? I would be working on those more right now, but right now I'm in the computer lab. I was able to remote control to my computer in my dorm but it is kinda slow so I'll just wait until I get back again. Anyway I decided to come to the Lab because some people needed some help with their homework, and since its past curfew. This is the only place we can really go and not get in trouble. But it works out because they need to type the paper anyway. I think I will be heading back soon though, its getting late. I should get to sleep since I didn't get much last night. I'll let you know when I get the pictures uploaded though. I know your waiting so patiently for them! Well Good Night!
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Tuesday, October 15, 2002
Once again you have no Idea how glad I am that my english class is in a computer lab. I went to class again today and we didn't do anything important at all. I probalby could have not even gone and she wouldn't have noticed. I did have to turn in my paper though so I had to go anyway. The rest of the day today was pretty regular.. just plain ol' schedule until after work. So after work I went to dinner like normal, and ate with my regular group. But then I found out that we were all going to Red Lobster for a party for Kara. It is her Birthday today.. (or since its 1:00 yesterday). I bought her meal for her. All together I think there were 12 people that came. It was a huge group, its good that it wasn't busy there tonight. I was able to get some pictures too, so I hope to be able to publish those on the net for you all really soon! When I do publish them I'll try to tell who is who in each picture. I had a great time at Red Lobster though. I sat at the end so I wasn't like right in the middle of everyone but in my area there was Chris, Kat, Hannah, and Zack. We all carried on some great converstion. I ordered the cheese cake. It had a top layer of Vanilla Bean, then a bottom layer of Chocholate Tote Cheese cake, and in the middle was a butterscotch part. Then It had the cracker crust. It was Delisous. Kara ordered the 1.5lb Crab and it was so big.. it looked like she had fun eating it too =). After we got back we all hung out at the stairs for awhile then I walked Hannah back to her dorm. Also while I was up in that area I went over to Jessica's window because she wanted me to meet her roomates. They seem like good roomates. Then I stayed and talked with Jessica for a little bit after her roomates left. Then, onward back to my dorm, I had some homework to do so I did a little Math and I tried to look over my english. I need to choose a topic to compare in my next paper. But I decided I will think about it later and try to get that done by tomorrow. So now I'm here writing my blog. My roomates have started watching a movie, its a really good one too so I might stay up to watch it. I'll probalby pay for it in the morning, but I can sleep in class or something haha =). Well I think I better post this now.. Katie is waiting to read it (Hey Katie.. Shout out to YA) so yeah I am going to do that. Good night all!
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Monday, October 14, 2002
Today was a really lazy day. I just sat in my dorm and did homework ALL day. About 9 hours worth. Man those are good times I'm telling you. So yeah I just sat here all day until around 5:30. I finally got up and went to dinner. I went with Kat tonight. She is kinda sick today though and tired. So thats not good I hope she gets better soon. Katie is sick today too. She needs to feel better soon as well. So yeah anyway where was I? Oh yeah, it was pretty empty down down at the dining hall today. People still weren't back from going home for the weekend I guess. Around 9:00 today people started to trickle back.. then by 11:00 people started IMing me.. and then I was talking to 12 people at one point. It was Craaaazzzy Maaan!! So I guess I will end up going to bed late again. But I don't mind.. Its becoming normal now or something. Well Good night and I'll try to have more of a life tomorrow. =)
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Sunday, October 13, 2002
I'm glad I had work today or I would have either been deathly bored or read through all of my text books like twice. Almost everybody on my hall has gone home or somewhere with a freind for the weekend, there are only 12 other people here right now. Both of my roomates are here though. Well today after work I watched smallville, my friend from work recorded them for me so that was something fun. After that I read two chapters out of my computer book. Then I wrote a computer program for my class. I had to make it more complicated then he wanted though because it was too easy without that. So I entertained myself for a couple hours doing that. Later we watched Billy Madison and Ace Venture in our room. That was an effective way to blow 4 hours. During that time I forgot about dinner though so I missed dinner tonight. That wasn't too good I'm pretty hungry right now. Anyway after that I just sat here for awhile, I did talk to a bunch of people online tonight though. Kat is back home but I was talking to her through AIM. She went to surprise her mom for her birthday. Then I was talking to Jessica some. I also talked to Adam from back home. He was setting up music for sunday. I helped him with ideas for the computer, while he helped me with ideas to deal with our ant problem. It was fun talking to him again. Then I'm helping out somebody online too they are having relationship problems so I'm working with him. Well I think I will head to bed now though, there isn't much else to do. There probably won't be a party in our room tonight either considering nobody else is here. So I think I will go. Don't forget to appreciate your pastor tomorrow! It's national Pastor Appreciation day.
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Saturday, October 12, 2002
Today we had another useless english class. I played solitare most of the time and surfed the net. I'm so glad that class is in the computer lab or I would probably have counted all the celing tiles about 40 times already. So anyway the rest of my classes went well, I was able to get in a 40 minute nap today because we didn't have convocation. So that went well between classes. Then after work I went out to dinner with Jessica and her grandparents. Mary came as well. It was pretty fun. I made little rings our of dollar bills and put them on the french fries as my tip. The waitress thought it was pretty funny. We went to Sunday Grill, its just down the street from Liberty. They had some great food and great Ice Cream. I think I ate about a quart worth of Ice cream tonight, then Topped it off with about a pound hamburger. We all had a great time. Mary wouldn't let us have any fun though. I would throw stuff at her but she would just sit there and not throw it back (how rude). Jessica ordered a Foot Long hot dog as her meal. And when it got there I measured it to see if it was really a foot long. It was only 9" the waitress was there when I did it and she laughed and said nobody has ever done that before. She laughed. Jessica knew her though because she is her Spiritual Life Director on her hall. So she knew we didn't really care. I think we made her have a good day at work it was a pretty busy night there. We had to wait 30 minutes to get seated. Still it was a fun night over all. After that I got back to my dorm around 9:30. Then I was working on homework ever since. You know me and how much I LOVE homework!! Oh yeah bring it on!!... well anyway, I was able to get it all finished finally and I better head to bed since I have work tomorrow. So yeah.. I'm gonna go.
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Friday, October 11, 2002
Today was just a regular day up until Hall meeting tonght. We had a joint meeting with our sister dorm tonight. It was supposed to be a talent show type thing, but there were only 3 participants so after they did thier shows we made it a battle of the sexes game. The winner doesn't have to have room checks for two days. They had all kinds of contests. One was who could brush their teeth the longest with mayonase as the tooth paste. Then who could chug the most pop through the sock of the guy with the raunchiest feet. There were all kinds of stuff, it turns out we tied in the end so both dorms don't have to have room checks until friday next week. Alright well I need to get to bed so I won't put anybody in the spotlight tonight, so I'll just do this. <Place your name here> Is the coolest person I know. That is pure fact and not opinion... So yeah I guess thats all for the day. Night everyone!
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Thursday, October 10, 2002
Alrighty! Everybody that is anxiously awaiting my Daily blog, here you go! Stait from the keyboard of the blogger... Today I have a lot of people to talk about in my post for today. But first off I'll start off with what I did. Ok so, today classes went smoothly and then after them I had to go and get something taken care of for my loan in the finacial office. It was actally kind of tedious. If I would have know exactly what to do I could have done it from my dorm without a problem. But anyway after classes today I went to Lunch with Laurie, Hannah, Adam and another pretty cool girl. I forgot her name though =(, I'm sorry. (that was my first group of people to talk about) Then after Lunch I headed strait to work. Things went well at work today, I was able to get about 3 or 4 computers done I think. Then I went strait from work to church. I wasn't able to stay the whole time at church though because I had some homework to do, so I left a little after eight. Then I was able to finally come back to my dorm since classes started this morning. I was able to get a little bit of homework time in, but that didn't last long because then I went out to late night dinner with Jessica and Mary. (Next group of people). Jessica got her hair cut today. I think it looks really good. Somebody on her dorm did it so that was kind of cool. Well anyway, It was a lot of fun down at late night and we met up with Kat there. I ate 4 Burriots stuffed as full as they can get then, a hot dog and then a big glass of chocolate milk and then I had some ice cream. I was pretty full after that, but then about a half hour later I was back to normal once again. Then sometime after the big dinner Kat came and asked if I wanted to go running with her in the Vines center tonight. So I did, I was feeling a little weird after eating all that and then going running but I survived it. Kat is a pretty cool person here on campus, I hope to get to know her better, before tonight we only talked a little bit here and there. I found out She is majoring in Special Education and Sign Language and she lives up in Richmond. After Running we walked back to the dorms and there were a bunch of people outside sitting on the steps so I talked with them for awhile. Heather, Laurie, Meg, Chris, Justin, and Adam were there. Then later when I was back in my dorm Chris came by my window, because she was looking for somebody to walk with her to park her car down in the pit. I had to turn her down though because I was feeling really woozie and my stomach wasn't too happy with me. Never eat 4 Burritos and a hot dog then go running right afterwards.. thats not a good combination. Anyway, Sorry about that Chris =). Ok then after curfew hit I was able to finish all my homework, I just finished my math homework. I was talking to My parents online tonight and also Katie, and Danny from back home. That was pretty fun. I decided I better add some of them in somewhere in here too since I've only been talking about freinds on campus latley.. Sorry about that guys I didn't mean it. I didn't forget ya! I miss all you guys.. except andy but we don't talk about him. Haha Just kidding andy. Ok There I think I covered everybody Ok guys you all have a great night and don't forget to leave a comment. <3 Ya
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Wednesday, October 09, 2002
Today was nice, I was able to sleep in until 9:30 today since my 8:00 class was canceled. I didn't have a class until 10:50 today. I was happy about that. Work today went well too. Not much out of the ordinary there. I ate dinner tonight with Laurie and Meg. Then tonight I did some good ol' laundry. Hannah was there too so I had some company. It was fun talking to her. So anyway, I washed all my blankets and things today so, right now my bed is without covers. I need to go and put them all on soon. I was going to do it a lot earlier but then everyone started talking to me so I couldn't. So I'll proably be up until a little after 2 o'clock tonght, then I have an 8:00 class tomorrow morning. So yeah thats not going to be too good. I was able to talk to the person I needed to today, and I was able to take care of the problem I was having. It all worked out pretty well. I could always still use the wisdom though. Tonight I had a new person ask me for advice and I think I was able to help him pretty well. Thanks for the prayers everyone. Well I need to start cleaning up all my laundry now if I want to have blankets to sleep in tonight, which I do. So I'll say good night.
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Tuesday, October 08, 2002
WE didn't have Convocation today so there were a lot of classes canceled. None of mine were however, wouldn't that just be the way it goes though. I do have one class cancelled tomorrow though so I don't have to wake up until around 9:30 that will be nice. I didn't sleep all that well last night I kept waking up like every hour or something like that. It was weird though because I wasn't as tired as I should have been, so that was good. I am pretty tired right now though, I 've had some things on my mind lately and its been tiring me out some. I didn't really have all that much to do today so that was nice, I got most of my work done over the weekend. I only had some math homework today. I just got off the phone with my mom, I guess there is some stuff I need to take care of finacially sometime this week. I hope I can find time to get it taken care of this week. Tonight I would like to put Heather in the spot light, she hasn't had an adequate turn yet. So I would like to say, "Heather your one of the coolest personalitys on campus. Keep up the good work!" Also, I have a prayer request. Pray that God will give me wisdom to say the right things to people. I've had lots of people ask me for advice lately and I want to give them good answers that will help in their situation. I also have a small problem of my own that I could use the wisdom of God to help me know what to say and when to say it. Thanks everyone! Well thats just about it for highlights for today. I'm gonna hit the sack. Good night one and all.
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Monday, October 07, 2002
Pretty normal day today, not much to talk about. Its late anyway so I won't try to come up with something else to talk about. Sorry Mom, you'll just have to wait for tomorrow I guess.
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Sunday, October 06, 2002
Today I worked from 10 to 3:30. Then stopped in at the football game (homecoming week here). There was lots of traffic coming onto campus, It was crazy. The game was pretty tight and we were doing pretty well, all until the last quarter. They always have to blow it in the last half. Its like a law of physics or something. Hannah's parents were at the game today with her so I met her parents. They are pretty awsome. They remind me of my parents somewhat. Her dad is the song leader at her church, that was pretty cool. Anyway, after the game I went out to Mackadoos (sp?) with a group of people. (Name list: Laurie, Chris, Chris' freind, Nicole, Adam, Zack and Heather) We had a pretty fun time. There was a little tension from something but I won't get into that. Lets keep this a happy blog. I took some pictures with my digital camera. If your inside the liberty network Click here to see them. If your not, then you'll have to wait until I get more pictures and I'll publish them on the net in the future. So anyway ... after dinner I went with Chris and her freind to drive around. She was a little upset and disappointed at some stuff so I tried to cheer her up. I think I accomplished the feat by the time we got back. She was happy once again. Now I've just been sitting here catching up on some stuff, I haven't had a chance to do much because of papers to write and such. So I better finish finishing stuff =). Bye for now!
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Saturday, October 05, 2002
Too tired... had to write another paper.
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Friday, October 04, 2002
I didn't get much sleep last night, but I did get quality sleep. I only got about 5 hours but for some reason I felt really refreshed today. I didn't fall asleep in my classes or anything. I was excited about that. I had a Test today in my GNED class. I think I did pretty well on it, there were still a couple I wasn't too sure about though. I've been behind in homework this week because I've been busy doing other stuff. But I mostly caught up today. Its not like I had much else to do though, curfew was at 10 today. I did have lots of math homework though and a couple of the problems took me about 30 minutes to finish. That was pretty bad, mostly its because I didn't understand them, I think I got it now though. I still have one more paper to write but its not due till next week so I'm not in a big hurry on that, I hope to get it done by monday though. (That will be a week and 2 days earlier then it needs to be). Well I'm getting a little tired after sitting here working on homework since 8 o'clock. Thats four hours worth of homework. Man I love college! =). Good thing I'm good at time management. Speaking of managing time. I'm going to start working on that paper some then hit the Matress. Adios!
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Thursday, October 03, 2002
Hey, Long and fun day today but I can't say much I have homework to take care of. I went to a church thing tonight that lasted 3 hours, so that took up quite a bit more time then I planned. So I'll just have to do some work then head to bed. Night!
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Wednesday, October 02, 2002
Long day today, Left for classes at 8:00 this morning and didn't get back to my room to sit down until 11:59:56pm (4 seconds before curfew) I was at work until around 8:30 tonight, we stayed after to have a party type thing, we played games ate pizza and hung out that was pretty cool. Then afterwards I went and sat with laurie while she did laundry until around 11:00. Then after I helped her carry her stuff back to the dorm Hannah and Chris <--(my roomate) were doing laundry so I sat with them and kept them company until just before curfew. Then I helped Hannah carry her stuff back then sprinted back to my dorm.. I made it just in time. Then once back in my dorm I ended up talking to Jessica online and then my Mom. My mom is going to send me a package so we were talking about the contents. It turns out I got $100 for the article I wrote for the MCP magazine so she will be sending that to me as well as some other goodies. Also Danny just informed me that he caught up with the comments so I'm going to go back and read all the "Danny's Insite to Life" You can read them too just click on the comments link just below this pharagraph. Well That all for now. Got TO go its almost TWO, thats TOO late spelled with 2 O's
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