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Friday, February 28, 2003
This week just keeps getting worse.. I'll tell ya. I'm trying to still keep the joy of the Lord though. Ok I have classes from 8:00 to 12:00 today.. well They decide to close the school for all classes after 12:00 because the weather was getting worse. I get gyped because I don't have any classes past 12:00 anyway. Then I try to go to work after my classes, and I almost die from driving in the snow.. this one was a lot worse then the last time. I'm driving along the freeway and then I hit a patch of ice and my back end starts to slide out towards the right. So I turn the wheel (I thought only a little) but I either must have hit another patch of ice or I over corrected and I did a complete 180 degree turn in about 1 second. So now my van was facing the wrong direction on the freeway but I'm still sliding sideways almost as if I'm in a sled. So now my car is shooting towards the right side of the road and as I cross from one lane to the other sliding, my van starts to tip. By this time I am on two wheels sliding and its starting to get freaky because I'm looking out my window and the ground is a lot closer then it should be. We're talking i'm at just about a 45 degree angle here. Then I slam into the barrier on the right side of the freeway with the drivers side of the Van after going past the shoulder and onto the grassy section. Then it knocks me out of my tilted position (thankfully) but it throws the car back down and everything inside the van shoots accross from one side to the other. So here I am facing the wrong direction on the freeway stuck in the grass all shacken up because I almost ended up flat on my side. During all this only about 3 other cars drive by so it was good there wasn't any other traffic on the road. So I try to get out of my situation in the grass I thought I was stuck pretty good but I cranked the wheel so I could do the U turn and I started to accellerate slowly. My wheels were spinning like crazy but I was slowly moving forward. I finally got some tracktion and was able to get back on the road. In order to pull off the U turn though I had to drive on the shoulder on the other side of the road some. But I made it out of that situation alive. After arriving at work the weather was still just getting worse so Andy just said I could go ahead and leave so I don't have to drive in it later. On the way back I had another close call, This time it wasn't my fault but as a car was passing me in the left lane his back end started to fishtail and he came over in my lane quite aways. Good thing I was extra alert from my previous experience to get out of his way a tad. He got control after that and continued on his way. I finally made it back to campus alive and well. I decided I was going to park and not go on the road the rest of the day. I'm even now still a little shaken from that experience. The rest of the day since I had work off I went back to my room for about 4 hours and just did some homework. Then I went to dinner at around 5:00 because I needed a break. I stayed there for about two hours because Becky, Anthony, Kat and I were playing cards for awhile. Then from after dinner until now, I've been here in my dorm. I was going to see a movie with some guys in another dorm but they never called me so I've tried to keep myself occupied. But anyway the Devil has been really working on me this entire week. He is just throwing everything he has at me. I feel like Job from the Bible. Everything is going great then all of a sudden satan comes in and takes everything away. I didn't quite lose my Van today but I was so close you have no idea. I wonder how I would have reacted to that situation. I think the devil is trying to get me to curse God, I hope he knows its not going to work. From this day on I will praise his name no matter what the devil brings me. So bring it on satan!! I'm ready for you. I already know how the story ends and you lose. I pray I am able to keep my composure through this time of trial.
2 Timothy 4:7 - I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.
Lord, help me to come to you in everything. Help me to seek you first. Help me to continue to rely on your grace on my worst days and through what ever the devil brings my way. Amen
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 12:56 AM 

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