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Saturday, March 15, 2003
Today was really nice. In my first class we watched a movie. Then in my second class we just sat and had a discussion. Then my math class was cancelled. So today you could tell spring break was coming up. My brain didn't have to work very hard today. Then work was pretty slow today so we just chilled again. Then I was excited because Kat and Becky came and visited me at work for awhile. I introduced them to Scott, Andy wasn't there during that time though so he didn't get to meet them. But I was excited to see them just show up at work. Then after work we were all going to go out to dinner at an all you can eat Pizza place. It was good food! Then to make it even better it was only $3 for liberty students. Can't get much better then that. The marriot offically closed today at 1:30 so I am now on my own food wise for 10 days. So anyway after work while I was waiting for the the girls to get ready to go to dinner I sat in with Micah at the radio station. He is the DJ for two hours on Fridays from 5-7. It was cool to be able to sit back there with him and see how that all worked. So anyway, once his shift was done and the girls showed up we headed off to dinner. After dinner Kat and I went to the mall for awhile and the we decided to go to a 9:40 movie. We ended up watching "Antwon Fisher" it is a good movie over all.. But it is just people talking most of the time and not much action at all. Its one of those you only want to watch once. But I still had fun though. I was just happy to spend the evening with Kat because she will be leaving tomorrow morning and I won't get to see her for seven days. We both had a good time. Now I am back on my dorm and there are still about 15 people here. 12 people will be leaving tomorrow though, so it will be just three others and me here for the rest of the week. Good fun!! I'm telling ya. No doubt. Alright well I have work in the morning so I'm gonna head to bed. Good night everyone. (Pray I don't starve) lol just kidding.
PS. Mom, I got the package in the mail today. Thanks for sending those. The pictures were great too! Love you.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 12:44 AM 

       Read my archived posts! Click Here