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Monday, June 02, 2003
Summary for Sunday (Since I forgot to blog)
Well I work up on time (barely) to get to church on time to practice with the worship team. It woudln't have been such a close call but I had to drive about 10mins out of the way both directions to pick up Will for church. He coudln't find any other ride so he was stuck waking up at the crack of dawn to get to church sunday.. But at least he still came. Anyway practice was a little stressing because nothing was setup right on the computer so I had to jump all over the place in powerpoint.. I was able to get everything settled by the time the service started though. I wasn't quite sure though.. but it was and that was good. After church Joe and Deborah invited me over. I played with the kids most of the afternoon and watched movies and things. Kat was there packing to go to her camp for the summer as well. Becky also was there as I was leaving so I stopped and said a quick hi to her before I left. That was probably the last time I'm going to see either Becky or Kat all summer and I won't see them again until the Fall most likely. But anyway, after I left thier house I came back and played some computer games with Scott for awhile until around 11:00. Then I just headed to bed. Ok there now that I'm all caught up.. I'll write one for todays in just a little bit.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 10:42 PM 

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