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Sunday, July 27, 2003
Hey, Its sunday afternoon and I may have a chance to fill you all in with info from Fri-Sat. Friday started out as a pretty normal day. But after work I ended up meeting some friends from liberty. Chris & Han. Han was in my prayer group last year, but I don't think I ever got a picture of him. But I think you all know Chris. There are lots of pictures of her on my photo album website. Anyway after I met up with them, We all ended up going to to dinner at a mexican restarant with Scott and Abbey. That was a lot of fun. After we finished there we went over to the movie theater and got Tickets for "The Hulk" it was opening day for that movie at the dollar theater so if we didn't get them early.. we wouldn't have gotten them. But anyway while we waited for the movie to start (almost an hour) we went and got some coffee over at the Drowsy Poet Coffee house and we just hung out there for the hour. The movie was great and entertaining.. but not quite fullfilling. I didn't like the ending all that much, but still very entertaining. They tried to make it a lot like a comic book with screen tansitions and things like that. But anyway it was fun, kind of long though. We all didn't get home until just after midnight. And I went strait to bed.. I forgot to write my blog.

Then Saturday morning went well at work. We had gotten everything finished so we decided we were going to go rent a movie on DVD and watch it on the computer while we sat around waiting for customers. It turns out that as soon as we try to watch the movie we get customer after customer and phone call after phone call. It was kind of annoying the way that worked. We didn't even get to finish it before we closed that day. We ended up staying past 30 minutes to finish the movie. (By the way.. we watched Predator II). After work I just kind of sat around at home for awhile. Then went to Target to get some things. Then Kat shows up totally unexpectdley there and comes over and says Hi. After talking some at the store we all decided to come over and hang out at my place and watch a movie. Kat also had 6 of her friends there from camp so they all came along as well. We watched "The Ring" and then we all just hung around and talked and listened to music for the better part of the night. It ended up being almost 3:00 in the morning by the time everyone left. I didn't get to sleep until around 3:30ish. It was a lot of fun though. Also one thing that was kind of cool was the fact I had little devotional books (5 of them) and my bible sitting right on the table. About 4 of Kat's unsaved friends picked up one of them and kind of read a chapter. Then they also asked me about being a prayer leader too so it gave me an opportunity to talk to them about that. I didn't witness with the gospel nessessarily but if anything, it did make them think about it a little bit. I think they could tell I was a little "different" with the way I acted and always tried to be helpful and things like that. They may come visit me again sometime in the future. I hope they can before they all go back home when the summer ends. They do need prayer though its tough working at the camp they work at with the "special" group of people. But anyway.. that pretty much sums up my weekend I think. If I remember anything else cool I did that I forgot to add in, I'll put it in tonights Blog. Well for now I think I'm going to take a nap. It was rough going to sleep at 3:30 and waking up at 7:00. So I'll just write more tonight.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 2:00 PM 

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