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Saturday, August 23, 2003
The server is finally up.. so now I can post this:

Man.. its been three days and the server is still down. I haven't been able to blog because of it. So I decided I would just write all of them in a word document and just post them when everything is up and running. If I wait too long I won't remember anything to write down. Since the 18th I"ve been so busy with everything. Mon through Wed I worked full time and then after work I took care of buisness here at school. I've had a great time showing aarron around the campus and things as well. I took him and some of his friends to the 50cent movies on tuesday also.. he had never seen a dollar theater before so he though it was very cool. Allie and Brittney also came along and we saw "Johnny English" It was a good comedy I think. It was kind of predictable though knowing the "Mr Bean" style of movies. Then on wednesday after work I went to my apartment and got rid of all my food, by either giving it to scott or bringing some back here to our dorm. I also had to package up everything that I will be taking with me to Richmond on Friday.

Today (Being Thursday) I switched over to my part time schedule at work. I had to wake up at 6:30 because we had a breakfast to be at at 7:30 with all the Prayer Leader Guys. It was alright but I was way to tired to realize anything of what was going on. Then after that was over I went and got half of the books I need to get. I wanted to split it up and put half on check card and half on credit card. I was only able to get two used books though.. so that wasn't very cool.I ended up having to spend $152 on only half. Well anyway after I did that I had lunch with Aarron and some of his new friends that he made. Then I headed to work until 6:00. After work was where the fun began though. I got invited over to dinner to Allie and Brittney's house for dinner. They had beef stroganoff. It was very good. But once we finished eating we kind of just sat around for 15 minutes or so and hung out.. then we piled in the car for to a destination unknown. The girls tried to guess and they were right but it was their third guess. It turns out we went to a small icecream shop/diner. They had kereoke tonight there. (every thursday). They made me go up and sing with them so I did. We sang two songs. "Bye bye miss american pie" and "California dreamin" I thought we did pretty horrible but their parents said it was good.. and we didn't get booed so it might have been ok. But anyway that was the first time I had done that and I thought it was pretty fun. But anyway after we left the restaraunt we headed back to thier house and watched a short movie.. it was the newsboys movie. It was kind of weird but somewhat entertaining. I ended up leaving at around 10:45ish. Now I am just chilling here back in the dorm chatting with a couple people and thats about all I can do since the internet is down for doing any significant surfing. So I think I'll probalby just go ahead and go to bed now. I don't know when I'll be able to post this blog but hopefully it will be soon.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 2:11 PM 

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