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Sunday, October 26, 2003
Today kind of started out on the bad side.. I was having my "good luck" drained and nothing seemed to work how it should. To start off I had to work at the High School again all day today in that 5x5x10 box again, it was still 90 degrees in there today also. But anyway I tryed all my options on how to get it to work.. nothing worked right. I decided to try our backups and things. We had 4 redundant backups and none of them seemed to work either.. It was just one thing after the other. So anyway after I was there for about 5 hours I decided to just pack it up and bring the entire server back to the shop so I could use our full aresenal of tools there. I was finally able to get it somewhat working after that so that was a big sigh of releif. After I got done at work I came back to campus and went to Will's Dorm and helped him with his comptuer because it wasn't working right.. I was able to get it all settled. So I headed on over to dinner right after that. I sat with my sister dorm for the meal and I got to know two really great girls while I was there. They were Sherelyn and Kristin. We chatted there for awhile and then we fight over who get to take up the other person's tray. I let Sher take my tray up but I told her I was going to take her cup.. she almost didn't let me, but I told her that she could take the cup if she wants but if she does then she has to go on a date with me... She ended up letting me take the cup =). Now I probalby should fill you in with the entire picture so this all makes sense to everyone. --- Our dorm is the brother dorm to Dorm 28-1. We are having a Battle of the Sexes. Everytime someone does something nice for the other dorm they get points. (Racked up about 10 grand last night). But anyway certain things are worth more points then others. Taking up somebody else's tray or plate ect. at the Dinning hall will earn you 20 points. Taking somebody on a date will earn you 150 points. Singing at the window will earn you 100 point ect. --- So anyway she let me take the cup up so I would only earn 20 points instead of 150. But ok now that I'm done digging my rabbit trail, I'll continue with my story for the rest of the day. After dinner I went to a Bon fire with my sister dorm. It was at some people's house that lived off campus. We made smore's and had candy and soda. It was just a good time. We told stories about most embarassing moment. Most Painful stories.. then played some games. I had a good time. I ended up leaving around 10:30ish and brought back some guys (Kris, Chris, Chris <-- 3 of em funny I know, Johnny and Sean) also Three girls from the sister dorm (Sher, Kristin and Gen). I dropped off Chris.. (my roomate) Kris, and Sean. Then I took the rest of the Gang down to drowsey Poet. We all just sat and talked there for a couple hours. It was a fun time for me. Sarah and Brian showed up for awhile too and they joined us. We all ended up leaving there just after 11:50. On the way home I saw 3 girls walking back to campus and they still had a long way to go, so I stopped and picked them up and gave them a ride the rest of the way. I would say tonight was a pretty productive day. I actually was able to have fun for once. That doesn't happen very often with my busy schedule. But anyway I think I'm going to head to bed now! You have a great night everyone! Oh and by the way.....
Dorm 28-1 is the Greatest Dorm on Campus!

PS. Johnny Vazquez wanted me to put his full name on here so he could be in Google's search engine just like my name (I'm number one if you search for "Jeremy Dillinger") So Johnny.. I hope that in a couple weeks you will be on the list somewhere. (You may have to search for "Jeremy Dillinger" & "Johnny Vazquez" for you to show up though) But anyway I hope this works!. =) You Da Bomb man!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:50 AM 

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