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Thursday, November 13, 2003
I appears as if I forgot to write an entry for last night... oh well you guys didn't miss much. I just went to class all day then I was at work until 9:30, then I had prayerleader meetings then I just did homework the rest of the night... so yeah there you are. Thats my catch up for yesterday =)

As for today, it was a little bit more event filled, but not by much. I had a quiz today in Old Testament, I feel like I did pretty good on that one. Then after that class I had speech class.. (I actually stayed awake in it today). Convocation was really good today. They had another ex-muslum speaker talk to us today. They are always really fun to listen to. Then after that I had an Exam in my marketing class. It seemed a lot tougher then normal for some reason. I can't really even speculate on how I did there. But once I got finished with that I ate a quick lunch then shot over to work. It was pretty much just a typical work day today there, not much to report on with that. After work I went directly to church, church was really good tonight, they spoke on how to deal with failure. I'm not failing in anything right now if thats what your wondering though... I just enjoyed the way it was presented. There were quite a few new people there tonight too it seemed. I met a couple of them. Also they had carmel apples tonight for refreshment... that was a great idea and I really enjoyed them. So anyway once I returned back to campus from church I continued working on my speech and then I started two other projects for my other classes. My homework load never ends!!! Oh well... I think I'm going to call it quits for the night. Bye for now!! =)
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:23 AM 

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