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Monday, December 29, 2003
I didn't get a chance to write a blog last night, my sister had Katie stay the night last night and we had already packed up all the computers in the livingroom, so I would have had to come into thier room to write it where the other two computers are. But I decided I would just combine both of them tonight so as not to intrude on them. So anyway.. I'll start off with Saturday morning. I can't quite remember that far back so I'll have to pause and think about it.... Ah yes, its all coming back to me now. Well I woke up in the morning to the smell of Bacon and Scrambled eggs. Dad made his Dillinger Family style breakfast. It sure was delicious. Then after that My sister asked me about upgrading her computer. So we went over a couple specks together, and then we were about to go out to the store and pick up the parts - But just as we were leaving Jason and his mother asked if we wanted to go out to lunch with them. It was a little close to breakfast, but we decided we would go anyway. They took us to a restaraunt in downtown Seattle. Jason said it was the closest to an authentic Chinese restaraunt they've found. It was kind of different in the way we are served. Rather then them giving a menu, the people come out periodically with different dishes. Then they show you what is on a little plate and you can either accept it or deny it. Jason's mom knew what was pretty good so she did most of the accepting. We tried about 7 different dishes. I really liked all of the ones she chose. I wish I could describe them but I didn't know most of the ingredients. All I know is they were good. After we finished up with lunch Jason and his mom were going to go off and go shopping. So our family decided to stop by the store to pick up the things we needed for my sisters computer since it was pretty much on the way. We ended up getting her a 2.2Ghz Intel Processor & Main board upgrade for roughly $250. That was a pretty good deal we thought. Then after returning home I worked on that for her through most of the rest of the afternoon. By the evening I had her computer completely finished with everything installed that she needed installed. By that time My dad had gone out and rented some movies (the Hulk, and The league of Extraordinary Gentlement). So we watched those, I also talked to Allie during that time since I had some computers setup in the living room, I was able to do both. Danny and Andy ended up coming over also, so we all lounged in the living room and relaxed while watching movies. Thats pretty much all we did the rest of the evening. It was pretty nice though. Katie ended up coming over to stay the night as well (which I've already mentioned) so most of the gang was over again yesterday evening. The guys headed out around 11:00 while the girls stayed back and we sat and talked for a short while until it was time to get to sleep for church Today... Speaking of that - I'll insert a Line break here and continue on about today.

Well, this morning was just like good ol times. My family woke up and headed off to church. It was great going back to my home church and seeing all the old familiar faces. I was a little disappointed that nothing had changed though. There weren't any new faces either. The church has however invested in a projector and now the service is run off of powerpoint. That was a much needed improvement and that was exciting to see. But other then that it was just as nothing had changed. All the good friends of mine that were in the youth group those past years all came this morning to church as well and we filled up the first two rows just as if we had never left. Normally there are only 3 youth at the church since I and all my friends had left. But this morning we were back up to the "Old 14" My pastor was excited to see everyone. The service went pretty well too. Then after the service we decided to go to Denny's as a Youth group activity. So we all headed over and had a hearty lunch at the good ol Denny's. Then after that most of us split company and headed our own separate ways. Danny and I came back home and I chilled at his house for a couple hours after that. Then we came up here and watched an episode of Smallville until it was time to go to evening church. Church this evening was more on a relaxed note. We got out the Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum set and we had a nice contemporary evening worship service tonight. Then before leaving tonight I had to say goodbye to some of the people that I wouldn't be able to see again before I left to go back to "home" (Lynchburg). It was kind of a sad thought.. but danny was there to keep me sane =). Anyway, after I got home Jason's mom had cooked us dinner and had it ready to go when we walked in the door. (Maybe we should keep her around more often) lol. It was another Chiniese dish and she did a great job on it.. it was delicous. Tori called me shortly after that and I talked to her on the phone for about 20 minutes or so. After that I decided I would read some of my saved up sunday comics that I had. I read 3 weeks worth and then I started Chatting online with some people. Some girl that I never met before started writing me. She is from VA and wanted to ask me some questions about Liberty. Like I said I had never met her, and she didn't know anybody that knew me either.. she just found me as some guy on the internet that goes to liberty, and wanted to Chat. Well.. ok that is fine with me =). It turns out she lives about an hour from lynchburg and was thinking about going there and just wanted to get some input... well I'm glad to help! I also talked to Allie for awhile tonight too. She had to get going though because her brother wanted to get to sleep. But it was good timing though because right around that time Danny came up and we hung out the rest of the night. He just left right before i started writing this. So that now brings me back to this point.. I'm all caught up again. That means I get to head off to bed. Happy is looking at me funny anyway.. I think she is thinking.. "come with me teddy.. I'm ready to sleep and need a pillow" of course I'll never know, but thats what I'm going to say she is thinking. Anyway.. Goodnight!
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