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Friday, December 26, 2003
Well Hey! I'm back home now in seattle. It is home but it kind of feels like home away from home a little too. Lynchburg has kind of stuck on me I think. But anyway I owe many thanks to the Donneburg Family. They offered to wake up at 3:00 in the morning and drive me to Roanoke so I could catch my plane Tuesday morning. I love that family! I stayed with them for the last couple days and then after they dropped me off at the airport I was then on my own. Even though the airports are at High Security, I was able to get through without any trouble. I even had to wait for the plane for about 30 minutes before they even started to load up. The first plane was just one of those small propeller planes. We had to walk out on the tarmac and then climb steps to get onboard. The first flight was pretty short, only an hour and a half. We did get hit up with quite a bit of turbulence though. But I thought it was actually kind of fun. Then once I got to Detroit (my layover) I had to basicly walk all the way to the other side of the airport to get to the other gate. It was like a mile or so to get there. Half of the trip was under a tunnel with a moving floor. You could just stand there and it would take you forward at about 10mph. I decided it would be fun to run on it.. It felt like I was going about 25mph since it was already moving forward That was kind of a fun experience. Anyway I found the gate I needed to be at pretty easily and then I just sat and read some comics while I waited to board. I was near the back of the plane so I was able to be one of the firsts to board. That trip was rather long about 6 hours i think they said. But I kind of slept a little during the flight so that was good. Upon arriving in Seattle my mom, 2 sisters, and my best friend danny were there to greet me. That was exciting. Then we arrived at home and I saw my dad, then after giving him a big hug, I sat down and pet my dog Happy for at least a good 15 minutes. It was great. Then a couple hours after getting there my family all packed up gifts and everything and headed over to my grandma's house for a family party. We had prime rib (I don't think there was any Mad Cows in though) That was a fun christmas party and it was great to see all my family again. I got two christmas presents then (a shirt and some money). The fun part was when my grandma opened the presents I got her. She loved the glass mailbox and her mahogony picture album box. We were over there until around midnight or so. That would be three o'clock my time still by then I had been up 24 hours and I was pretty tired. I slept pretty good on the drive back home (40 minute ride). I finally got to bed around 1:00 or 4:00 my time. But happy and I were out like lights in no time.

Then this morning I woke up to some russling in the kitchen around 9:00. My mom was up starting to make coffee and getting stocking ready and things. Then we all dove into the stockings and pulled everything out. I ended up getting a USB Jump drive for the computer. I really needed one of those for school projects and things. I also got "A walk to Remember" on DVD. I really love that movie and I was excited to get that. My sister got it for me. Then after we all finished up with our stockings my mom made some Eggnog French toast. If you've never had it before you just subsitute Eggnog for the milk in the egg batter. They were really good. After breakfast I worked on my Parent's comptuer for awhile. It needed quite a bit of work. I also setup two other comptuer for while i'm here. It just didn't feel right with only one up and running. So I got 3 now working with the internet so my sister and I don't have to fight over who gets the computer and when. Plus some of my old friends are probalby going to want to play some LAN games so now it it all setup and ready to go. After I finished up with that My grandma came over here to visit and for dinner. We then all had another Christmas Dinner. This time it was BBQ Salmon and Teryakii chicken. Kind of something you don't normally think of together. But I thought it was delicious. After dinner Lots of my friends stopped by. Tyler and Seth stopped in for aobut an hour and talked. Then Katie and Danny Came by. After they were here for a good couple hours, Louis and Andy then stopped by and we all hung out in my room until around 11:00. It was fun to get together with old friends. I had a pretty good christmas. It sure was tiring though. I've been ready for bed the last 4 hours. =). So now is my chance. I think that is what I'll go and do now!! I hope your christmas was as fun as mine was! Just remember what we are really celebrating. The Love of Jesus! -- Night everyone.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 2:40 AM 

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