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Sunday, January 04, 2004
***Danny's Hi-Jacking***
Hi, today we went to Bellingham to visit Jeremy's sister and Katie. It was a pretty long drive but I fell asleep so it went by in no time, as for Jeremy, i'm not sure, he probably sat through 2 hours of silence. We left at about 10:30 which meant I had to get up early, about 8:30 to be exact. When we got there we watched TV a lot because there was like a marathon of movies on or something and we also ate some food. The food was pretty good it was steak, rolls, corn, salad and pop.....just incase you dont know what "pop" is it's exactly like "soda" in every way posible. After dinner we played a game called mexican train with dominoes. Yeah basically I suck at Mexican train. We played 3 rounds and I had 74. Just for perspective the everyone else had an average of 20. There are cool door stoppers in their apartment. You touch them and they wobble for like 30 seconds and make a vibrating sound. Just incase you're wondering who is writing this it's Danny. I personally dont know how he conned me into doing this, but hey it happens right? Yeah so it was a pretty uneventful day but it was still good times. Good night EVERYONE! Oh yeah it's schrilla fridgid...it's like 10 degrees but -3 with the wind. Dust off

***Katie's Perspective***
Hello all you Jeremy fans. Tonight you don't get Jeremy...you get me! Jeremy is currently being tied to a toilet and struck with a palm tree in Angela's room for reasons I'm not allowed to discuss. If I told you...I might have to kill you!! haha So what did I do today...good question. Well, I woke up. Then I had to pee. So I peed. I felt so much better after that. Then I went out into the snow and bought some food from Freddy's. Then I ate some cereal. That was pretty good. Then Jeremy and Danny and the Dilly's came to my house and we sat around and watched movies all day. Lemme tell ya..."Toy Soldiers" is the DUMBEST movie I have ever seen. EVER!!! Then we had some Mad Cow and then played some mexicans...I mean mexican train. Good times. Then...I forget...wait...oh yeah...then I changed into my pj's and watched some tv until Jeremy came into my room and then we watched some more tv. Now I'm writing this blog. Now I think I'm finished. Yes...I'm spent. Seven!

***Becca's Curd's N' Way***
Today I woke up, and went out hoppin in the snow. It was wicked cold and wicked icy. I bombed through a stop sign and almost hit a motor! Man that wicked ice bites! I came home, then my peeps came up to my homestead. We chilled and gorged on some grindy. I talked to my boy, then watched that wicked glowin box. Then played the train and I thumped em all. Now I'm writin this here blog while the "J" mans slackin. Off to my crib I now head. PEACE OUT DOG!!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 2:23 AM 

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