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Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Sorry I didn't get a chance to write an entry last night, we got back from my sister's house pretty late and I still had to pack and get ready to leave bright and early this morning. So if your mad deal with it! =) j/k. Anyway, I'll start off from yesterday morning. My friends hijacked my blog last time I tried it but they were pretty accurate with the events of the day so I will just be leaving that. Nice work guys! Sunday morning started up with Danny and I crawling out of bed last minute (just as it should be) and then we all hussled to get ready to church and get there on time. It was a little rough getting there in the snow, but we made it without a hitch. I thought Becca's church was really great. I think I still like TLC (my church) best though. I met a couple of her friends while I was there too, but shortly after the service was over Melissa had to leave so Danny and Katie and I went with her. Danny was axious to watch the Seahawks game since they actually made playoffs this year. We ended up losing to GreenBay in overtime though. They said it was pretty exciting. I wouldn't know though, I was in the other room watching 7th Heaven & Full House. Later that afternoon we took some family pictures and then went off to Wal-mart to get them developed. Some of them turned out really well too. I have some of them up on my website in the photos section We ended up leaving there to come back home pretty late. Upon arrival back at the Dillinger Domicile I packed my bags and got ready to head out the next morning. I also had to lay with Happy for quite some time since that would be the last time until I come back again. My Grandma also called me and we talked for awhile and said our good-byes over the phone. She wanted to come out and be able to see me again but it just didn't work out with the snow and everything. Once I finished with the packing and got everything it order.. I went right to bed.

This morning I woke early so I could see my mom before she went to work. She was kind of upset that she couldn't stay and take me to the airport, but thats the way things are sometimes. My dad ended up taking me by himself in the new truck. There was some construction going on, on the enterance to the airport so there was quite a bit of traffic buildup there. Normally there is 4 lanes but because of the work there was only two. But anyway after some pushing through we made it to my drop off gate, I said my last good-byes and I was off. Security this morning there was rather slow, but I made it through without having to be checked twice. Thats always nice. Once I was through I got to my gate and read some of my stored up Sunday comics. I got through two weeks worth just as they started to board the plane. The first flight was long (7 hours) but I slept through most of it. They also served Breakfast on that flight that consited of cheerios and a bagle w/creamcheese, as well as a bannana. It did its job of quenching the hunger just fine. So, roughly 7 hours later we made it into Detriot with was my layover again just like last time. I had to walk across the airport again too so I got to go down into that tunnel and use that long moving floor to walk across. I love that thing, it's a lot of fun. My flight was delayed though once I got to my gate. I sat at one gate for about half an hour and then they said that it was moved to another gate. So I had to walk over to the new one. Then they also said that some of the crew members hadn't arrived yet from previous flights so the flight was further delayed while we waited for them. Finally they boarded about a half hour late. That was better then an hour or so though, I'm glad it was only 30minutes. We arrived in Roanoke only 30 minutes late so the Donnenburg's didn't have to wait there for too long. Allie, Jo, Brit, and BJ all came along to pick me up. It was sure great to see them. I gave them all a big hug and then we headed down to baggage claim to collect my things. Then after everythign was collected off to the car we go. We made a short stop at Sheetz for food and gas on the way home (after I missed the exit and we had gone about 10 minutes out of the way). Then after that it was smooth sailing all they way back to lynchburg. After arriving we watched the last end of Cast away that was on tv. The girls hadn't seen it though so I think they were kind of lost. I also made a turkey sandwich for a snack and I put Ketchup, Mustard, and Mayonase on it. What is wrong with that? Allie said that was gross. I do that all the time, it's actually very good. But anyway, the girls have school in the morning (they started today) so they headed to bed right around 11:00. To me it still feels like 9:00 so I'm not even that tired - But I'll just head to bed anyway as soon as I finish writing this. Which is pretty much now.. so yeah looks like I'm off to bed. Night!
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