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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
Sunday was a good day at church, I woke up and I put on my marroon shirt and my silver bow tie. (which I had many compliments about) I had to wake up all extra early for worship team practice so the donneburg's house was still very quite only BJ was awake at the time. Allie and Jo ended up coming out just as I was heading out the door. I had to get back into the groove at church with the powerpoint and everything, but after sitting there and using it for a bit.. it all came back to me. We also had two DVD's that the pastor wanted played during his sermon so that was a little challenging to get done as well. But in the end it all went very well when it came to the real service. Then that afternoon I went over to the Hartmans house with the Donneburgs for lunch. We had Chili and Salad. It sure was some great food! I ended up eating three bowls. I also learned something that I think you should try at least once. Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then dip it in chili and eat it that way. It is a lot better tasting then it sounds. I thought it was quite good. Then after lunch us kids went downstairs and played in the snow and then just kind of hung around and they also decided to terrorize Jeremy quite a bit too. We had a snowball fight outside and it was everybody against me.. I don't know how that happened, but I lost hard. If there was an opening in my clothes they found it and shoved snow in there. I was so wet and cold by the time they all went inside. But I made it though. After that The Donneburg's were going to head out, But I offered to give Allie and Britt a ride home later if they wanted so only Jo and Chuck headed out while we hung around until around 8:00. We ended up watching the Veggie Tales Jonah, and then the kids wanted to kereoke. The Kereoke didn't last long though and that kind of died off. Susan ended up making us all chocolate chip pancakes for dinner too. They were sure good, but I was kind of stuffed still from my huge lunch however. I ended up having to take the girls back home around 8:00 and then I turned around and went back to the Hartman's for the night. Dennis was already asleep when I got back though, so I just played with the other kids for awhile until their bed time. Once they were all asleep I helped Dennis Sr fix some things with thier computers, after a couple hours or so we had everything pretty much working. By then I was really tired after wresling with the kids most of the day. So I went right to sleep and I was out cold in no time.

Then this morning little dennis was my own personal alarm clock. 7:30 in the morning I had a 4 year old boy sitting on my chest breathing in my face. I woudl say that was quite effective. I kind of layed there for awhile while dennis jumped around on the bed, but I had to get up after that and play with the boy, he was so anxious to do something.... so.... I gave in. Then I had to head out around 9:30 and go to work. It was just another typical day at work today for the most part. One of our good customers decided to bring us Pizza for lunch today though. That was sure nice of him. I still have some of the leftovers too. Other then that it was "work". Afterwards I headed over to Scott's house for dinner and to play some games for awhile. I ended up being there until around 7:00 because they had to go take the dogs back to Abbey's parents house because they were watching them for the weekend. So after I left Scott's house I decided it would be good to go over and work on the Donneburg's computer because it needed some fixing. But they weren't at home, instead they were at Barnes and Noble just haning out there. So I decided to drive over there and find em. We read some Jokes books and just kind of chatted for awhile. Then we headed back to their house. WHile they watched Finding Nemo I did some work the thier comptuers to try and get them working optimially. I hope what I did fixed it, but I won't know until they start to use it through the week. I got done with what needed to be done shortly after 11:00 and then I headed back to campus to sleep in my dorm once again for the first time since I left for the break. I had some unpaking I needed to do and things once I got here which I now have done. everything is all organized and back in it's appropriate spot. So that means I can finally go to sleep. I will have to get books tomorrow for all my classes that start on wednesday before work, So I will have to wake up a little early again. But anyway.. enough talk.. and more sleep for me. Night!
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