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Sunday, February 15, 2004
Alright.. I'm running off of steam at the moment.. but it was all worth it. I ended up getting about 3 hours of sleep last night. But I'll start from where I didn't fill you in from yesterday. Friday was a pretty hectic day for me. I woke up (more awake then normal probably because of my day off). I was able to stay awake in both of my classes that morning too. I even surprised myself on that one. After those classes were over I got a call from Allie saying that Brittany, Her mom, and her were there on campus to see the speaker for convocation today. So I met up with them before it started and we all sat together for the service. After it was over they went back home while I went back to my normal friday routing. I went to do a little bit of studying (more preparing for V-day then homework though) and then eat lunch. I wasn't able to go in the dinning hall to eat though I had to grab take out and head off to work because I was running a little late. I was much better at work on friday since I was rested and less sick I was more aware of what was happening. I was kind of axious through the day though for 6:00 to come around so I could head over to the D-berg's house after work. Finally it hit 6 and I was out the door as soon as I helped close up. Now since my V-day project has already been put into effect I can come out and say what I was going to do. I was going to make sugar cookies in the shape of a heart for all the girls in our sister dorm. I was going to have two cookies one labed (28-1) and one labeled (5-1). Then put them both in a bag with two chocolate hearts and a little note saying "(5-1) Two hearts that beat as one(28-1)" Then say Happy Valentines day and from Jeremy... all that good stuff. So I had to make about 110 cookies for that. Friday night was a pretty rough night I still had about 80 cookies to make (we didn't get too many done Thursday) and then we had to frost them all and write on each one as well as bag them and put all the labels in and chocolate hearts and everything. I ended up making about 160 cookies in all though. I wanted left overs for other friends of mine as well. Plus we had a lot of dough left after the 110 so we just kept making them until we ran out of dough. So I was over at thier house until around 12:00 working on that. I'm very greatful for thier help because if they didn't help I never would have gotten done and would have had to stay up all night cooking and frosting. I was prepared for it though and so I did call my RA's and let them know I was out with a Married couple for the night so they didn't look for me during room checks. So once I finally got all the cookies prepared and bagged up and ready to hand out I left thier house around 12. Since I was already signed out I didn't need to go directly back to my dorm.. so I did some shopping for another unrelated Valentine Plan of mine. I was going to decorate the Doneberg's home today. So I went to Wal-Mart and picked up roses and a couple other goodies so I could get them ready for the morning. I ended up doing that until roughly 3:30 last night when I posted my blog and finally went to sleep.


Now this morning I woke up around 7:00 to get some more stuff ready for my decoration operation. I saw Allie sign on the internet this morning around that time so I chatted with her for little but and wished her a Happy V-day. After she left I then went shopping for some more goods. I had to buy some balloons and various other decore. After I was loaded up and ready for the job I headed over to thier house. Allie and Brittany were going to go intertubing today with a group from church at 8:00 and so while they were gone thats when I was going to decorate thier home. Thier parent's Jo and Chuck were supposed to go somewhere this morning too but it turns out that they were in the house while I decorated. I guess that worked alright though. I probalby could have decorated when they left but they weren't sure when they were going to head out, and I still had to get to work by 10:00. So I just started with the decorating around 9:00. I was running a little late though so I called up work and let them know what I was doing and he said it was ok if I was a little late. So that was good. It ended up taking me until roughly 10:30 to finish up. I did all kind of fun things for the house. I had ballons all over the place. Flowers tied to each ballon to weight it down... Flower petals on the beds. Candy strung about through the house. Little notes written on paper and taped to the wall. Plus a couple other little things. So anyway once I finished up there I left it all for the girls to find once they returned from thier snow trip and headed on over to work. Things at work were rather slow today.. probalby because of the holiday so we were able to get more work done and play a couple games too. Once 3:00 rolled around I had to hurry over to campus to do phase two of my valentines. I had some extra cookies to hand out and things like that. Plus I had some roses and some balloons for Jessica so I went by her room and dropped them off there. (She wasn't there though so I left them with her roomate as a surprise for her.) I was going to go to the sister dorm and hand out all the cookies and goodies I had for them but then I found out that about 70% of them were gone today doing whatever they do. So I decided to hold off and that and do it late tonight around 11:30 when most would be back. So I worked on some homework until it was time for dinner. I had to get to dinner at around 5:30 today though because I was going to eat and head to the D-berg's again tonight around 6:20 and pick up the girls for a coffee house thing tonight at Thomas Road Church. So I did just that. Once I got there they talked about how much they loved the decorations and appreciated my effort. I was really happy to see that they enjoyed it. They also had V-day gifts for me. I got some cards and some candy. But my favorite thing they gave me was a poster collage of words/phrases from a magazine that pertain to me in one way or another. I'll have to figure out a way to get that as a picture on the internet so you all can see it... its really very cool. So after the gift exchange we headed on over to TRBC and went to the coffee house. I had a lot of fun. The coffee house itself wasn't anything extra exciting. There were just some guys coming up to sing and a couple funny things that happend. But mostly it was just the spending time with friends that I enjoyed the most. We left at around 9:45 so I could get the girls back by 10:00. But it was a pretty fun night doing that. Once I dropped off the girls I headed back to campus and worked on homework some more until around 11:30 when it was time to make the rounds at the sister dorm. There were still a couple windows that nobody was at but I think I was able to get about 80% of them. The ones that did answer really loved the cookies and stuff. All the leftovers I took to the the RA's window and gave them to them so they could hand the rest out to everybody that didn't one. Its always fun making other people feel good. I think I accomplished that goal multiple times today. It was great.. I love Valentines Day. So after I finished up my complete Valentines Operation I was able to relax and take a breather. It has been a long and stressful process (well worth it though). I was ready to sit and work on homework for awhile. I ended up being bombarded with IM's tonight though after responding to one IM and taking my away message off in order to do so. It took me about 30-40 minutes to recover and get back on task. Then at around 1:00 as I was starting to get ready to blog and head to bed off goes the fire alarm. I then find out that this is not a drill.. there is a real fire in one of the bathrooms upstairs. So I grab a coat and my cell phone and head out the door. I learned one valuable lesson today.. The lynchburg fire department takes roughly 30 minutes to respond to a fire. So all the guys were left outside in the cold tonight for about 45 minutes total while we waited for the Fire Department to arrive and judge the building safe for re-entry. They ended up bringing 4 Fire trucks and Ambulance and even the fire department jeep and sqad car. I don't know what that was all about.. it was just a fire in the bathroom.. I mean comon!! I don't really know any details about the fire just yet though but if I find anything more out about it I may write it down if it is interesting enough to post here. It was so very annoying because I only got 3 hours of sleep last night and now I'm going to have to go to sleep a lot later then I wanted to. I have to wake up tomorrow at 6:30 in order to get to church to setup for a special service we are doing. So I'm going to end up being very tired tomorrow I know. Sooo yeah.. Off to bed I go!
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