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Friday, February 20, 2004
Ok.. I made it back, I don't think anybody saw me. I doubt I would have gotten in trouble though I was out for a good cause. So anyway.. about today since I know your all dieing to hear about it. This morning I think in anticipation of the test I woke up at 3:30 and I was like oh no I"m going to be late for class!!! SO I woke up and got dressed and just about to grab my book bag I realize it is only 3:30.. I'm like oh shoot! So I just go back to bed for another 3 hours. I was glad too because I was really tired. So anyway.. I wake up again at my normal time and I was able to get to class with enough time to spare. My first class isn't even the one I have the test in though. So in that class I kind of tried to study some more for the history test while multitasking and listening to the teacher for that class.. I still couldn't do it and I fell asleep amongst all the mind cartwheels. But I woke up in time for when class got out. After that class I was off to the Comptuer Lab for my next class. I just sat quietly and did my Lab study through that whole class. Once that was over I hurried back to my dorm. I had another hour and a half before I had to do my history test. So I sat and studied in my dorm for awhile. I didn't have time for lunch at the Rot so I ran up to the C-store and got lunch from there and brought it back to my room and ate while I studied. I felt pretty good about it once it was time for class. The test was 50 Multiple Choice and 5 Essay Questions. I think all my studying paid off because I was able to answer those essay questions without much of a problem at all. Those were what I was most worried about. I can usually do multiple choice anyday. So I think I did pretty well on that exam today. Thanks for all those prayers for all those who did. Since I knew the material so well, I was even able to get out of class like 30-45 minutes early since I finshed it so quick. I used that extra time to go back to my room and relax for a bit. Allie came online for a short while and I talked to her for about 10 minutes or so. After that I decided to work on something and then on my way to work drop it in the mailbox. I was able to get that done successfully and get to work even a little earlier then normal. We didn't have too many computers to work on today but we still stayed busy with phone calls and customers. I even used some of the spare time to work on Luis' computer that I brought with me from church last night. He wanted to try and find memory that would work for his computer. Unfortuanatly it was a very proprietary Gateway comptuer and none of the memory we had in stock worked with it. But once 6:00 rolled around I headed out and before I went back to campus I dropped off Luis' computer at his house and talked with him for a short time. Then I was back to campus for dinner. The Dinning hall was crazy tonight! We have 2500 CFAWer's (College for a Weekend) this weekend. The dinning hall was cram packed and it took like 15 mintues to get food. I didn't wait in line though. I just went and got cereal. There wasn't much of a wait for that. After dinner I came straight back to my room and studied for my next test which I have tomorrow at 9:00. It is another Essay question type test so I have to study all extra hard for those. I ended up studying right up until Hall Meeting. During my study time we had CFAWers move in to our room. First we just had one which is normal and thats not a problem.. but then about 30 minutes later we had another come by and drop off his stuff. Now two is a little out of the ordinary but I figured maybe since there are so many CFAWers this time we had to hold another one. But then about 20 mintues after him Another guy comes by and drops off his suitcase in our room. Something was definatly wrong we barely hold 3 guys for us Roomates let alone 6 people in one room for a weekend. So I ended up having to take a break from studying and getting things worked out with the RA. After all was said and done I don't know what happend. We went from having 3 to now.. zero. We have nobody in here anymore. I don't know what in the world happend. But I guess they found room for everyone. Hall Meeting was normal tonight except for the fact that we had quite a few more guys on the hall then normal so we had to kind of pack into the hallway. After Hall Meeting I rounded up my guys for Prayer Groups. I pulled off 100% attendance tonight it was great. All of my guys ended up coming. So as a reward I ordered them all a Pizza after we finshed up. I was kind of hungry anyway since all I had was cereal for dinner. That was the first time I had ever ordered a Pizza here in the dorms. So we all chowed down on the pizza and then I had some time to study some more. I'm not sure if I feel studied enough for this test this time. I won't have any extra opportunites to study tomorrow though considering this test is at 9:00. So I'll just have to rely on prayer this time. But shouldn't we anyway? Well I think thats it for tonight. I'm tired once again and I really shoudl get to bed. Have a wonderful night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:28 AM 

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