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Monday, March 01, 2004
Happy Leap Day Everyone! Today was a great day! I always love sundays, but today was just better then normal because I got to go see the Passion of Christ. with the Donneberg's. If you haven't seen it yet, make sure that you do soon! But anyway, I'll get into that when the time comes.. I'll start off from the begining of today now. I woke up all early today so I could get ready to head to worship team practice. I got there right around 8 like normal but it took everybody else some time to get there. I think they were all running a little late today. Thats ok though because practice went pretty smoothly and we didn't have too many problems to deal with. There was a lot of media I had to work through today though. I had about 13 windows open that I had to task switch between during the service today to get everything working together. But it all worked out and the service was a success. The message today was on trying to define the true Holiness of God. Sometimes we forget that very important fact and brush it off as no important. We also had communion today and that setup very nicely for this afternoon when I went to go see the Passion of Christ. After the service I had to run around and pass out the TLC cards to the family units and then I had to go to Kroger really quick and get some Sour Cream for Mark & Vicky who were having a meeting after the service and needed it for part of a snack ingredient they were having during the meeting. Later in the afternoon I went over to the Donneberg's house for lunch and an afternoon to relax until the movie. Britt, Allie and I played on the trampoline some again today. I fell off like 5 times today but I didn't hurt myself too bad. It was a lot of fun. After the trampoline trip we all headed over to the Movie theater early so we could get a good batch of seats. There were still quite a few people there when we went and we ended up having to sit in the side seats instead of the middle ones. I guess it wasn't too bad though. The impact of the movie was not hindered in any way. Kat was there also, so she ended up coming and sitting next to me as well. But this was a very well done movie. like I said if you have not seen it I couldn't encourage you more to go and give it a chance. It is amazing what our Lord went through in order to enable us to be in a relationship with him. His love for us was strong enough to endure all that torture despite the overwhelming hate that he was surrounded by. This movie will put you in your place.. make you stop and think... It wasn't the Romans that torchered him - It wasn't the Jews that crucified him. That was Me.. that was Us.. we are the cause of that horrific event. How many of us only speak to God when its because we are asking him for something.. How can we ask for anything? He has already done so much for us. How many of us have thanked him lately for taking that punishment for us. Do you realize that through the entire movie Jesus says nothing as to complain about this order from his father. He is fully dedicated to do God's Will. How many times have we complained to do something as small as take out the trash or wash the dishes. This was truly a Holy Man - an inocent man that took our wrong doings and brought them upon himself so we wouldn't have to. Do you love anybody enough to go through that? God Did! (John 3:16)

After veiwing this intesely emotional movie Allie, Britt, and I met up with a group from a local church (Blue Ridge) and we had a time of reflection and discussion. Some intriguing questions and comments were said. I wish I could share them all. However I don't think I could do that. After the discussion time was over Allie, Brittany, and I stopped and had a late dinner at IHOP before I took them home for the evening. I did have a wonderful day, and I'm glad God provides all he does in order to make it that way. Now I need to go to sleep and prepare for another week. Good night everybody!
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