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Wednesday, March 03, 2004
I'm really tired to go into much detail today.. but I did have to turn in my english rough draft paper today which i did get done! I also then had a test in Comp which I think I did good on as well. Other then that the rest of the day was pretty standard. I did have to do a service call at work and that took about two hours. But then again nothing out of the ordinary there either. I ended up staying late at work today with the guys. I couldn't stay till 9:00 like normal though.. I ended up leaving around 7:45 because I had to go do some shopping before everything closed at 9:00. I was able to get and find what I needed too. I even found Kat and Becky in the store too so I stopped and hung out with them for awhile. I ended up also seeing Brian while I was there and he needed a ride back home so I decided I would go ahead and do that for him after I got everything I needed. I hadn't seen brian for some time now.. it was nice to talk to him again. After returning from taking Brian back home I stopped at the dinning hall and ate some food. (First thing i've eaten all day). My body was proably happy to get some food. Then once I got done there I had to do a few things here in the dorm before bed. Which I have now finished with everything I need to do tonight.. so I'm going to shoot off to bed. Night for now!

*note for becca and katie: I wore the new shirt and tie you gave me for my birthday today.. they fit nicely and are comfortable Thanks!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 12:11 AM 

       Read my archived posts! Click Here