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Friday, March 12, 2004
This morning started out with me being pretty sleepy. I was fighting the sleep the whole time through english. I even dozed off a couple times. But after that class I had more energy then normal the rest of the day for some reason. I even manged to stay awake in my history class today. After english I had my computer lab but I finished like 30 minutes early so I just left and went back to my room. While I was in my lab the Donneberg's called me and said that they were going to go to lunch at Olive Garden around 11:30. I was sad because I had my history class at 12:15 and I wouldn't have been able to make it. I really wished I could have gone though. I even debated skipping my class so I could go, but I just couldn't do it. I was able to call thier house and sing her happy birthday on thier answering machine. It was probalby more torture having to hear that then it was somethign she enjoyed though =)... Anyway during that time between my Lab and My history class I met with the guy who had me work on his computer. He ended up giving me $15 for what I did. I was going to just do it to be nice, but since he offered I decided I would take it =). Anyway once he picked it up from me, I went to the dinning hall and ate a quick lunch before my class. Then.. unfortunatly I was off to my history class instead of to Olive Garden. I did manage to stay awake the whole time during the class though so that was good. After that class was over I was off to work for the rest of the day. I had to do a service call to a machine shop today they needed help setting up thier wireless network and getting all the comptuers to communicate. Other then that, the rest of the work day was pretty standard nothing out of the ordinary to report on. After work I made a quick stop at the store to return the Skates I got Allie and exchange them for one size bigger. I hope these ones will do the trick for her. Once I got that mission accomplished I headed back to campus and had some dinner. I just kind of hung around and migrated from table to table just talking with random people tonight. After being there for about an hour I decided It was time to head back to my room. Once I arrived back here I engrossed my self in my homework load for the evening. I printed off my final draft for my research paper which I plan on turning in tomorrow.. then did some studying for my test tomorrow. But through most of the evening I actually worked on my churches website some www.tlcinfo.com. It looks much better now then it did before. It's still probalby not how we'll keep it but it's at least something usable at the moment. We also had Hall meeting tonight and I let my prayergroup. I tried to keep my group short tonight though because I wanted to get the webpage finished and I had to study for that test for tomorrow. But now I think I successfully finished those two goals so that means I get to go to sleep before 1:00 tonight. But before I do that I have one more thing to say...


Night everyone!

posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 12:34 AM 

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