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Monday, April 12, 2004
Happy Easter Everyone! Today is a great day because we can celebrate Christ! (Which we should do everyday anyway). But its always just extra special on this day. I had to wake up at six o'clock this morning though. I had to be at church by 7:30 and I had to swing by and pick up Allie and Brittany on the way. I wanted to make myself look nice today being that it's easter and everything... So I wore my bow tie today. I always get lots of people that compliment me on my bow tie. Well anyway after arriving at church at 7:30 we started with practice. It took a lot longer to get things setup today being the fact that we had a huge band today. But it made worship pretty spectacular this morning. We had drums, Bongos, Alto & Tenor Sax, Trombone, Trumpet, Keyboard, Xylophone, Acustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Organ and a full choir. It was awsome. I had the privledge of worshiping God on stage, singing and helping lead worship this morning. Normally my duties are in the Technical area running sound and powerpoint. But it was fun for a change to switch it up and sing. Everything went really well in the service this morning too. Our goal for easter was to have 150 people though.. I don't think we quite made that though. But it was still a decent turn out. After the service I had the Joy of spending the Easter Afternoon with the Donneberg Family. We had a terrific lunch and then they even had an easter basket all prepared for me. I felt all special. Its great to have a local family. We all got squirt guns in our basket so we had an all out water war in the house until Mom decided that it was enough and we had to stop before everythign was soaked. It ended up with everybody against me... I think I lost. It was fun though. For the better part of the afternoon we sat downstairs and watched some old school cartoons. Like Bugs Bunny and Popey and stuff. Some of the cartoons we watched were pretty strange though.. I don't know how some children would like them. But we just sat and talked some through them anyway. The Family had to leave around 4:00 this afternoon though they are going to spend some time with friends for the week. So BJ and I said our good byes to them and then it was just us hanging out at the house for the rest of the evening. I ended up staying there with her until a little after 8:00 we just watched tv and stuff. I ended up falling asleep though. She makes a great pillow though I will say. I had to leave shortly after 8:00 though because I had some homework I needed to work on back at my dorm. So I returned to campus and started on that. I got invited to go to Late night to have some Grub with some friends though so I took a break and went with them for about 40 minutes or so. I had to leave early before they all did though because I needed to get back. On the way back I called my parents and wished them a Happy Easter. The rest of my family was over there tonight too so they just kind of passed the phone around and I was able to talk to my sisters, my mom and Dad and my Grandma tonight. It was pretty good. Its been awhile since I heard thier voices. After finishing up with them though I just worked on homework for awhile. Allie ended up getting online tonight too so I was able to talk to her some tonight which was good... (Since I've only seen her every day last week). =). lol.. But anyway that just about covers my Easter. I hope your was just as great as mine was. Have a wonderful night!

Happy Resurrection Day! " He is not here, for He is risen, just as He said...Come, see..."
May the joy of Easter surround you today and always. He is ALIVE and we too can live! (Kathy Dillinger, April 2004)

posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:40 AM 

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