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Monday, April 19, 2004
Man.. I'm still tired. I don't think I got enough sleep still last night. I still have to make up for not blogging last night though so I can't go to sleep until I get that done. I'll probably fall asleep a couple times while I write this though. So anyway I have to tell you all about the wonderful day I had last night.. and then also the great day today as well. First off Saturday started out as a pretty normal day. I woke up and headed to work as usual. Andy took the day off again this weekend so it ended up just being Scott and I to run the place. Once 3:00 rolled around though I rushed right out to head back to my dorm and get ready for the events of the day. There was a group from Liberty today that decided we were going to all dress up in formal wear and go to Cici's Pizza and then go mini-golfing. It sounds crazy I know but it sure was a lot of fun. So after work I came back and got ready all dressed up with my bow tie and everything and then headed over to the Donneberg's house to pick up the girls. When I pulled up to the driveway they were already outside and thier mom was taking pictures. It felt like a dream or something.. I mean there was no way there could be anybody as beautiful as they were in real life... It gave me goose bumps. (I'll have pictures soon). It took me awhile to realize that they were actually THAT Beautiful and I wasn't dreaming. So after getting my bearings straight once again I joined them for some more pictures around the house. We got quite a few good ones =)! After getting like 100 pictures taken we all piled in my Van and headed back to campus. We were there earlier then I expected and everybody we were supposed to meet hadn't shown up just yet so we took some more pictures while we waited. Once everybody arrived (About 25-30) we all headed over to Cici's Pizza. It was actually fairly busy there that night too so we had everybody stairing at us like we were crazy (because we are). It was actually pretty good food there too. I really like thier dessert pizza. After everybody finished eating we piled back into the cars and headed over to the Put Put golf place. Once we got there I realized that I had left my camera at Cici's so Britt, Allie, and I got back in the car and drove back to find it. They had found it for me there already and I walked in and she handed it right to me.. I didn't even have to ask and she knew. So after getting my camera back I felt a little better and the three of us drove back to the Put Put again. We played one round of Mini Golf once we got there. I ended up winning with a score of 15. The girls did pretty good too and weren't far behind. I made a few holes in one too it was fun. After the mini golf round we went inside and played a couple of the arcade games and activities they had in there. There is one game called "Dance Dance Revolution" (DDR) you are supposed to follow the prompts for the moments. We played the one that you do with your hands. There is also one you do with your feet but we never actually had a chance to play that one. But anyway... I was horrible at that game. I might have been better at the foot dance version but I'll never know now. We ended playing this laser game and Britt did a Virtual Reality thing (I have a picture of that one too). Once we ran out of tokens we decided to blow that popsicle joint and go someplace else. We did want to go to a youth group activity at blueridge church (And still be in our formals) but it turns out they didn't have it going on this weekend. We were all sad about it too because that would have been really fun. But since that didn't work out we decided to go to Sunday Grill and get some Ice cream. That place was pretty full last night too so we had quite a few people wondering why we were all dressed up. But it was awsome. After having ice cream we decided to just go up to the Bald Spot on Liberty Mountain. It was really nice up there that evening. It is just a big open patch on the side of the mountain where you can see all of lynchburg. It was really pretty up there. We tried to take pictures but because it was so dark it didn't really work all that well. We got some fun ones of us while we were up there though. So anyway.. after sitting up there for a long time we headed back to Brittany and Allie's house and we just hung out there for the rest of the evening. So anyway that just about covers every thing. I know I had a great time and the girls had a great time. I'm just happy I had the privledge to spend the evening with two very georgous girls. I had a blast.. or as one would say "I had an explosion" =). Anyway.. very soon you will be able to see the pictures of the night. I just need to find some time to post them. Well for now thats it for Saturday.. I'm going to stop and write about the fun times from today.


Today I was pretty tired through most of the day. I had to wake up at 7:00 again this mornign so I could get to church for worship team practice. This morning we were a little bit unorganized though because since last week was easter we had all kind of planning that went into that and they never really got around to figuring out all the details for the week after. But we pulled ourselfs through and the service went pretty well despite. When it comes to praising God TLC knows how to do it practice or no practice =). After the service was over I hung around for a long time and just mingled and migrated talking to everyboy. Once it got down to very few people left at church I left too and went with Britt and Allie to thier house. They wanted to change clothes for the afternoon. After they did that we stopped by Tokyos take out restarunt and got some lunch to eat and brough it with us back to the baldspot again this afternoon. We had seen it at night and decided we could go up again today and see what its like with the sun out. I think I like it better at night. But it was still a very good view. After eating lunch there we just layed around up there and soaked up the sun for awhile. All three of us ended up getting a little sunburned. I think we were up there for just over an hour and then we went to Sheetz to get some Slurpee's. The next thing we decided to do was go Roller Blading in the Vines Center at Liberty. It was fun but they didn't have the AC turned on in the building today for some reason so it was rather hot in there. We only went around three times before stopping. That was the first time using our new skates too so we found out that we need to loosen the barrings a smidgen before we go next time. They were just a little to stiff and they didn't roll very easy. After we got done skating we headed back to thier house and we just stayed there for the rest of the evening. Allie and I washed thier dog Jake (My dog too) with the hose outside on thier porch. He really hates getting sprayed with the hose but once he was all clean he still loved us. I also did a load of laundry while I was over there this afternoon. While I was over there hanging out and having fun I might as well accomplish something useful too right? LoL. Anyway after washing Jake we watched a movie call "The Newsies" It is a musical type thing. Britt was casted in a play once on the same story. I thought it was a pretty fun movie. Anyway once that was over we just lounged around and watched some Television.. I kind of fell asleep though. After awhile we ended up all going in the living room and the whole family was there... So we all just talked about some plans for the summer and the Missions Trip We will probably be going on. We are thinking about going to Oklahoma to help out at a camp for a week. It is the same camp that Brittany will be working at all summer. We are just planning on going during the first week to help get it launched for the summer. After our discussion upstairs we went and watched some more TV. Then we had a late supper. After that we put in Shrek and started to watch that. I was only able to watch part of it though because I needed to leave around 11:00. I had lots of homework I needed to do tonight. I was able to get 2 of my 5 things done tonight. I should be able to get the rest done tomorrow night I hope. But after finishing up with part of my homework I decided to start working on this blog entry for today. I've been working on it for just over an hour now. I'm really tired right now though I'm seeing doubles here and there on some things. In the past 5 days I think I've gotten less then 20 hours of sleep. I'm pooped. But it was all worth it though. I've had a great weekend with lots and lots of things going on. I think I need to just go aheand and head to sleep now though. So Good night one and All!!
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