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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
Friday May 28th

This weekend was a lot of fun! On Friday afternoon I headed out with Jo and Allie to Cave Mountain Lake where we and 8 other familes from our church were going to camp for the memorial day weekend. It is about an hour drive to get to the camp site from lynchburg. We got a little lost on the way there.. so it took us slightly longer. But we just missed a turn so we found that out and got right back on track. Once we got there we unpacked everything and got the site organized. Susan Hartman had arrived on Wednesday night and went around and setup everybody's tent ahead of time in order to make sure the spot was saved for everybody. This year unfortantly we were kind of spread out. There weren't too many camp sites right near each other. It could have been worse though.. we were still fairly close. Jo, Allie and I were sharing a site with Pete and Julie, but they hadn't arrived yet so Jo and Allie got to pick the side of the tent they wanted first. I was going to be sleeping in my van for the weekend so I just helped the ladies get thier stuff setup, but all I had to do was flip the seat up and my bed was practically made. Once we had our sites ready I mingled from site to site visiting other people. The Hartman's campsite and the Wood's Campsite were the main hangout places for everybody. We barely hung out at our own campsite out site during the day. The Wood's always had a fire going and some kind of food ready and available at all times. Allie, Jo and I played a game of scrabble later that evening. Once it started to get dark we decided to just go back to our site and read in the tent for awhile. We ended up staying up until right before midnight talking and reading. After that I went to my van and fell asleep almost right away.

Saturday May 29th

In the morning I woke up around 7:00 and went to take a shower. The showers are about a 5-10 minute walk away from the campsite so we had to take all our stuff with us and start the hike down. I could have driven there but Pete's car was right behind me and I wasn't able to get out. So Allie and Jo and I just made the walk. The showers were pretty bad. The water wasn't really even hot (It was better then cold though) and the showers didn't even have doors that day (They must have been broken though because they had doors on them later). So anyway.. I showered and then hung around and waited for the Ladies to finish. Once they were ready we made a quick drive into town because Jo and Allie were dying for a cup of Hot Coffee. After the short drive we then went up to the Wood's campsite for breakfast. They had cooked about 5-6 packages of bacon amongst everybody so we had a plethora of bacon to eat. It was delicious.. I love bacon. Then of course there were eggs and pancakes and the works. Through the day I was back and forth between the lake and the campsites. Allie, Jo and I went on some of the trails around the lake to see the views. We also walked around and hung out with the Hartmans for awhile while they fished and tried to catch salamaders. The lake is just a man made lake that was made by building a dam in the river and stopping up the river to make some standing water.. its a fairly small lake though. A person would problaby be able to swim accross it easily. Then at the camping side of the lake they have a fake man made beach where they trucked in some sand and made it be like a sandy beach. It was still cool.. but still.. it had synthetic written all over it. That didn't keep the fun away though. Some of the kids buried Jamie crooke in the sand and we played a bunch of games in the grass field next to the beach. A lot of the people brought thier dogs along and so I played with the dogs for awhile too. It was also a beautiful day so that made things so much more enjoyable. I think I even got sunburned a little bit. Later in the evening we all gathered back up at the Wood's/Hartmans Campsite and made smores and played games. I didn't stay long though because I had to wake up at 6:00am the following morning to make the drive back to lynchubrg so I could run the tech stuff for church (and I had to be there by 8 for practice). So I turned in early that night.

Sunday May 30th

In the morning Allie and Jo and I all headed back, but first we stopped for coffee because Jo and Allie are addicted to it. I then Dropped them off at thier house first so they could shower and stuff before church and then I headed to practice. Sunday was Han's first time as worship leader and things went very well despite that. The band was great and so was the service as a whole. Even though we lost Luis God still knew the need and filled the positions to get the Job done. It was great to see how he works. Pastor did his message with the idea of him leaving next month as the focus. But the sermon wasn't focused on him.. it was focused on him preparing us for what we have coming for the church. It can be broken down into "Don't Fret, Don't Fear, Don't Faint, Don't Forget" It was a great message. I'm sad to have to see him go, but in a way.. I'm also happy to see him be able to be free from all that took place at church, and now moving on to do what is best for his family. After the service a bunch of people were planning on going back up to the campsite for the afternoon to hang out and have some more fun. So We all headed back up again too. Han even came along with us too. Jo and Chuck came up later, so Allie and Han and I just made the trip up on our own. We stopped for lunch at Wendys on the way there. When we first arrived there was hardly anybody there yet so we decided to go down to the lake and walk a couple of the trails. After we got back from our walk more people had arrived, so we all gathered at the Wood's once again and told stories and jokes around the fire. I'm sure Han thought we were all crazy once the night was over =o). Anyway Jo, Allie and I were planning on staying one more night so Chuck ended up taking Han home and we just stayed behind. Pete and Julie decided they weren't going to be staying another night either so they headed out that evening as well. So We stayed up for a little while longer hanging with the other campers, but after awhile we decided to go back and read for awhile. Instead of reading though, we just chilled in the tent and Jo asked Allie and I thought provoking questions about stuff. It was more like a Q&A time. I had a lot of fun doing that.. it was great to hear Allies answers to some of the questions.. and also some of them I had never thought about before, so it was fun to hear my own answers I guess in a way too. We ended up doing that for almost 3 hours that night.. I didn't even leave thier tent until around 1:30ish and didn't even get to sleep until slightly after 2:00 probalby. It was defentatly worth it though. I think that was my favorite part of the trip.

Monday May 31st

We all slept in today though until around 9:30, it was sure nice to be able to do that. After waking up I hit the showers (I was able to drive down this time). Then we had breakfast over at the Carsons Campsite this time. He had bacon and Eggs again this morning... (I could have that everyday though so I didn't care). But unfortuantly my teeth were bothering me because I have a wisdom tooth coming in so I had trouble eating. Thats probably good for Ben's sake though or I would have eaten all his food =) j/k. After breakfast we pretty much had to start to pack up right away though. Just about everybody was planning on leaving just after 12. So we helped the Hartmans get thier site cleaned up a bit then we went down and got ours taken care of and then packed the van. After getting our site cleaned up Allie, Jo and I weren't quite ready to leave yet though so we decided to go back to the lake for a little while and try to catch some Salamaders so we could bring some back home with us to put in the Newt tank. We ended up catching four of them. Jo caught one and Allie was able to get three. She did a good job once she got the hang of it. She ended up accidently stepping in the lake though with her tenis shoes on while trying to catch some. I felt bad for her because she would have to hike back out with a squishyness in her shoe. It was a good thing she had a change of clothes in the Van though. On the way home we made a quick stop at Otter Creek. It was beatiful. Jo said the creek was super high and flooded this year. Allie and I went on a trail around it and in some places the water covered the trail we had to walk on. Anyway after arriving back to lynchburg I helped the Ladies unload all thier stuff from my van and then I headed home. Since getting back I pretty much worked on the video the entire time. I had quite a few phone calls I needed to make though because I had 7 voice messages from being gone all weekend. I had to help Brian from Oaklahoma with a computer problem and then I also had a chance to talk to Brittany tonight. It was sooo happy I was finally able to talk to her. I miss her... I've tried to talk to her like 5 other times since the Oklahoma trip and never was able to get ahold of her. Its about time =). So yeah.. The video is coming along great.. I may be able to have it done tomorrow (knock on wood). But for now.. I"m pretty tired. I'm going to go lay down on my squish and go to sleep. G'night!
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