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Thursday, June 17, 2004
Its a good thing I ended up taking a shower last night.. sure enough when I woke up this morning all the water was turned off. I did have three Jugs of water set aside just incase so I was at least able to wash my face and things. Before going to work today I went over to Liberty campus and hung out with Han for a bit where he is working at the media studio. He showed me around and I got to see all the cool technological stuff. Anyway, after being there for awhile it was time to head to work so I shot over there. It was kind of a slow day again unfortunatly. It seemed like we had more people come in to shop in the scrapbook section then for computer related stuff. Oh well.. I hope it is just the time of year. After work I headed over to church. Julie was the only one there by the time I got there and we were both there for at least 20 minutes before anybody else showed up. Seemed like most everybody was slightly late tonight.. others more then slightly. Oh well we managed to get everything talked about that was on the Agenda I think. We even had a few songs in the middle. After the service I stuck around as usual until everybody left. I was one of the last ones out of the place. After leaving the building though Betty and Jo were both outside sitting in Betty's car talking. I walked by because Betty needed to talk to me and she rolled down her window so I just joined them there and we talked for another 10-15 minutes or so outside. After Betty left I ended up following Jo back to thier house and I hung out over at thier house until right before midnight. I had a pretty good conversation with Chuck while I was there talking about some issues and we also talked about some plans for running a fireworks stand the next coming week. It was nice to be able to chat with him for an hour or so about stuff. After we finished the conversation I ended up going to sit in the kitchen with Allie and we had a pretty intense conversation about some other issues. We ended up talking for about two hours or so. If it wasn't so late I probalby would have stayed longer and talked some more. But Allie needed to wake up at 6:30 for a job she is doing tomorrow and I need to wake up by 7:30 so I can take care of something in the morning at around 9:30 or so for work. So I left thier house just before midnight and came back home. I would have been in bed probably along time ago but I ended up starting to write something and it took me just a little over an hour to finish it. I was chatting with my sister and my mom in between a little bit though. But anyway.. it is now very late and I am going to be really tired tomorrow probably. So.. enough out of me I'm going to try and get to sleep. My mind is racing like crazy though so I hope I can fall right to sleep after laying down. I generally don't have a problem with that so I should be good.. so anyway! Night!

posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 3:05 AM 

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