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Monday, June 07, 2004
Monday June 7th, 2004

Well, This morning was an interesting morning with the three of us guys here all waking up and trying to get out the door by 7:40. Othon (Oh-Tone) was a little slow getting things ready this morning though so Han and I had to wait for him for a little while. In the end we were able to get out the door by 7:50, so still good timing. Othon didn't come with us to church this morning for practice though. He said he wanted to go back to his place and get ready and sleep a little more, and he would probalby see us at church around 10:00.. but he ended up not showing up. But anyway practice this morning went pretty good. We had a pretty good amount of singers and band members today. When the actual service started it went just as good as practice, so we didn't really have too many problems. I also showed the first segment of the missions trip video during the service and then afterwards I was able to show the rest of it. Pastor sermon today was pretty good. (Not one of his best though but thats ok) Anyway, it was a little helterskelter in comparison to his notes that he gave me so I had to do a little bit of hopping around with the powerpoint. It went pretty smoothly considering though. Once the service was over I ended up showing the rest of the video like I said earlier. A lot of people were up and walking around and some were leaving and others just talking so there were quite a few people who didn't really even see it. But the few that did said they enjoyed it. After the movie clip I just hung around and talked to a bunch of people. Pastor and His family were planning on going to his son's soccer game this evening and the Donnebergs were also planning on going, They asked if I wanted to go too. So I decided I would if Han wanted to come along as well. It turns out Han is a huge soccer fan and he was excited to come. We weren't planning on leaving until around 3:30 though so we were all going to hang out at the Donneberg's until it was time to leave. Before going there though Han had to go over to the office to take care of some offical buisness with Betty and I also needed to talk to her about getting a key to the church so we went to the Office and spent some time over there for awhlie before we were able to go to the D-berg's. Once arriving there we just had a small lunch and chilled for a bit, then headed out. We met the pastor in Bedford and then we all just got in the church van there and went the rest of the way in the same car. It was more fun going down as a group because it was about an hour and a half drive to where they were playing. Tonight was one of the final championship games so it was a BIG game for Gavin. We got to the town a little earlier then expected though so we used the extra time to drive to Virgina Tech and see thier campus they had there in Blacksburg. It was really big and very nice looking. It was cool to see it. The game started out pretty good Gavin's Team was up two for the first good part of the game. After awhile the Ref's started showing thier Bias and making bad call after bad call. Sooner or later the opposing team was tied with them. Han was all into the game and was yelling and screaming and after awhile he got slightly out of control when the refs gave the other team a point by a bad call. Sometimes those Asian people are crazy. Han is a good example of a crazy Asian. Gavin's team ended up losing in then end by one point that was scored about 45 seconds left in the game. It was sad. It was a really super important game and they lost it. All is not lost yet though, they have one more chance I think they had said. Anyway after the game we all went out to dinner at a little sidewalk cafe place. It was a really cool environment there. The food was a little on the expensive side though but Han, Allie and I all just shared a medium pizza and that was good enough for us.. it was a lot cheaper then all getting something separate too. After our late dinner we headed back home. It was 11:30ish by the time we actually arrived. I think all of us were tired. I tried to fall asleep on the drive back but I just couldn't get there. Han was out cold though and snoring for most of the trip. It was kind of funny. Anyway, I'm finally back home and I think I"m going to head right to sleep. I'm sooo very tired. My neck is still bothering me pretty bad tonight so I'll probalby be using the heating pad that Allie let me borrow and sleep on that. I hope it helps. But anyway.. I'm off to bed. Night!

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