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Thursday, July 22, 2004
Well, I'm feeling a little better this evening. I'm going to go ahead and fill you in on whats happend the past couple days. Since I forgot to make an entry tuesday night I'll go ahead and start there. I had a service call I needed to do at a buisness on tuesday. I was kind of in a predicament though. Since Derek at work is so new I couldn't leave him at the shop by himself during the day while I went and took care of the problem at the buisness. And I couldn't send him to go do the service call either. So instead I decided I was going to go to the buisness at 8:00 that morning and take care of it before we opened up shop. I wanted to make sure I gave myself enough time to get it all done before we opened so I wouldn't be stuck at the buisness by the time opening time came around. It worked out well though. I ended up getting the problems solved and I even made it back to the shop about 30 minutes before we offically opened. I decided since I was there early I would just go ahead and open up the doors and stuff though. We ended up having three customers come through before we even "really" opened. It was cool though. We had been kind of slow lately so the extra buisness was nice. It turned out the rest of the day was almost as busy though. We had phones and cutomers almost consistently. Derek really was a big help that day for sure. Finally the day ended though and we held up pretty good. I ended up just going home after work and having a quick dinner. After dinner I wanted to go hang out with the family so I gave Allie a call and asked what they were all up to. Turns out they were just going to chill at home so I went out and rented a movie and we just watched that at their place. I ended up renting "It could happen to you" It was a pretty cool movie. I wish it would happen to me =). Anyway.. after that I just went back to Andy's place and slept there for the night.

Ok So Wednesday was a pretty good day. Things at work were pretty hectic again but we both survived. After work I headed right over to church. I had to talk with the pastor about some of the techical stuff at church and how things should be done and what could be done.. stuff like that. Then rather then having a service we instead had an ice cream social There was lots and lots of that good ol' ice cream stuff. I ended up having like four bowls of it. Then afterwards I ran around the church taking care of little things that needed to be done... one of which was going over to the pastors house and setting up his personal computer to work on the network. I also had to do some things for the worship team practice and I also helped clean up a little from the ice cream mess. Then a little later Allie and Julie asked me if I wanted to go to the Firemans Fair that was going on here in lynchburg this week. So I ended up tagging along with them last night. It is a cool little mini fair with rides and games and food.. and all that other good stuff that is at a fair. It kind of turned out to be a bad night for me though. We ended up going on one of those slides you go down on a potato sack... well On that ride I ended up bending my thumb nail back really bad to the point where it started to bleed. So that started off the night pretty good. (I really did have fun though.. even though it sounds bad). But anyway.. after that we played the bumpercars which was pretty cool. The next ride we chose to go on was the Twister.. I should have known better then going on this ride. Spinny things and Jeremy don't go very well together. If I was going to do it I should have at least saved it for last. But anyway.. the girls wanted to go on it.. and I wanted to apease them. So I got in line. Well.. after the ride was only a 1/4 of the way through I felt the ice cream coming back up. I tried my best to focus on a stationary object (Julie in this case) but sooner or later it was over for me.. and I was puking over the edge. In a sense I could say that looking at julie made me puke. =) Well, after that point I was pretty nausiated the rest of the night. Allie said I looked really pale too. I wasn't going to give up yet though.. I was really feeling out of it but I didn't want to ruin it for the girls so I continued on some more. The next ride I did ok on though. We did the ride where you go up really high and then you fall straight down. Since it only really lasts for a couple seconds I didn't have time go get sick on that one. After that we decided to try the ferris wheel. For that I was thinking.. ok I can do the ferris wheel. I mean nobody has ever thrown up on the ferris wheel before. Anyway the three of us go ahead and sit in one of the sections. As we get in the operator says that I should sit in the middle because the Guy always sits in the middle. But I told him.. just incase I puked I should stay on the edge. His words after that was "nobody ever has puked on the ferris wheel before" Boy did I show him. After it was about half way over it came all up again. This time it was really bad. I think I emptied my stomach on this one. I felt so bad because Allie and Julie had to sit with me for the rest of the ride. Not only that, it smelled pretty bad too =(. That is like the worst feeling in the world. But I think it was all worth it in the end.. as our section stopped and it was our turn to get out the operator who said nobody has ever puked before saw the rather large puddle under my feet. Man.. if only I had a camera that face he made was priceless, as I said "I'm very sorry but I think your going to have to clean this one up" I had quite a few stains on my pants after that though so we had to make the walk over to the food area so I could get something to drink to wash out that nasty taste and a few napkins to clean myself up. By this time I was feeling a little better. But I was still pretty nauseous. I decided I had to be done for the night with the rides. I just couldn't push myself to try again. I felt bad because the girls wanted to ride some more. They didn't end up going on anymore though. We ended up just leaving and going back to the church after that. I do want to make a quick comment though. Even though it sounded like a bad time for me. I really did have fun. I would probably do it again if I had the chance. The only thing I would do different is avoid any horizontal spining rides, or at least do them last. But Allie if you are reading this.. don't feel bad. I thought it was a great idea and I'm glad you invited me to come along. Anyway once we got back to the church we kind of hung out for a bit while I waited for Han to finish up with the worship team practice (they ended up going till around 10:30). Once they were all done and I helped close up, I took Allie and Han home. I felt really bad driving back home though. I was still dizy and queezy for the drive back. It was almost like driving made me car sick. I just felt bad the entire night. Once I get sick it just doesn't go away. It's almost like it affects my entire body and it actually becomes sick for real. But anyway.. because of that I just had to go pretty much right to bed I just couldn't stay up longer. (I really went to sleep at about 11:15 I just set the blog to post at 12:00 so it would count for the next day). So anyway.. that basicly catches myself back up on this. Now I can go ahead and start my next one soon. But for now.. I'm going to do a little reading first. Bye for now.
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