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Sunday, July 04, 2004
Well, tonight I'm not so tired I can't write anything.. I do have to wake up early tomorrow for practice at church though. But I'm going to go ahead and fill you all in on some of the stuff I"ve been up to. Things have been pretty crazy for me lately. Not only physically with the fireworks stand, but also spiritually and emotionally. In one of my blogs to come, I'll probably share with you all, some of the things I've been learning lately through it all. I can't really do that tonight though because I don't quite have the time unfortunatly. I'm just going to have to give you all the watered down factual information about what I've been up to physicaly. I'll start from after my last "real" blog on Sunday night (Monday morning). Monday and Tuesday were actually very simple days to report on. I did sleep in the tent again those nights and I woke up and took a shower over at the church office each morning. I helped open up the fireworks place and hung out for a little while until I had to go to work. Both days work seemed to be pretty slow it kind of made the day seem like forever. Then on Tuesday they wanted me to stay for a little while after work to hang out/work some. I told them I could, but only for a short while because I had duties over at the fireworks stand. Then again each night after work I was helping out until closing time with the D-bergs. On Wednesday before we opened the tent, Jo and I made the hour and a half drive down to Danville to pick up Allie. (She was finally coming back... I was excited). On the way back they stopped for breakfast and then we made it back only about an hour after Chuck opened so it all worked out pretty well. I ended up needing to go to work again around 12:30ish for another slow day at the shop. Then once again I returned back to the tent that evening. That was the last night I ended up staying there though. Thursday was pretty much the same schedule (tent, work, tent). Except Chuck thought I was sick that day and decided to releive me for that night so I could go back and rest up. Every night since, there has been another volunteer to come and help out. During the day though I still work hard laboring selling those fireworks. On Friday when I actually had to go to work, instead of needed to hang out at the shop where it has been slow lately I had a service call over at New Covenant Schools. I ended up doing work over at the school for about 4 hours on Friday.. It sure beats standing around trying to find something to do. After work that day I was really really hungry and very much in the mood for a Subway Sandwich. So before going back to the tent on Friday I called and took orders from the Tent crew on what they wanted from subway for dinner (my treat). So they all got thier stuff and I got mine. I ended up ordering a foot long Sub. I originally asked for the Italian BMT.. but then I told them that whatever meat doesn't normally come with that to just add all the rest of it as well... I also had them put on every single topping they offer as well. When all was said and done my sandwich weighed more then all the other orders put together. But I'll tell you what.. I was so hungry I finished the entire thing. It was soooo good. I had been looking forward to a sandwich like that for like two days. Friday the sales picked up quite nicely at the tent, we made out fairly well that day. That night another Gentlemen decided to stay watch that night. So once again I was able to go home and sleep in my own bed. I was sooo tired though I didn't even have the strength to blog (as you can tell from the post that night).

Now I finally caught up to today... today I had to be at work by 10 because I needed to open up the shop this morning for Andy. So before going to work a little early I stopped by the stand and helped open up the sides of the tent before going off to the shop for the day. Andy had taken the day off today because his brother was in town so Scott and I were the only ones to run things today. Luckly is was another slow day so we didn't really have trouble keeping up. After work today I went back to the tent for the rest of the day. We were fairly swamped today selling fireworks left and right. We almost had a constant stream of customers today. It was really good. The worship team had practice today so I had to go over and help them for a bit today as well. Once practice was over Han came over and joined us to help in the tent. It was fun having him around to make fun of most of the day =).. He even bought some fireworks and we set some off near the street to draw attention to our stand. I don't know if it worked or anything.. but it was still fun. Han and I had to end up leaving tonight early before they closed the tent because we needed to get a friend back home before 11:00. On the way dropping him off I ended up seeing Andy riding a motorcycle with his brother around town. He had pulled up along side me while waiting at a stop light.. it was funny seeing him just pull up really close and look in the window. Anyway.. after dropping off our friend we had to run by Liberty so Han could take care of something really quick at the radio station. Once we finally got back to my apartment for the night I decided to scrounge up something to eat. It turns out that for just over a week now I haven't eaten anything from my house. I didn't even know if anything was still eatable. But it turns out there were only a few peices of bread with mold on them and some of the things in the fridge looked a little funny.. but tasted as they should. So I hope that it all doesn't go to waste too quickly. Anyway.. I need to wake up by 6:30 tomorrow morning in order to get to church for practice. I can't really write much more. So I'm off to bed. But as I said earlier... In an entry to come soon I'll probably be telling you about some of the things I've been learning lately. So anyway.. until then have a great night!
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