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Thursday, August 12, 2004
I ended up staying at the Doneberg's last night so I never had a chance to write a blog.. but it was a pretty busy day for me yesterday. I went to work as normal and I had to do a few service calls there. But after work I ended up going over to the D-bergs and did a few loads of laundry. While those were drying I ended up running back to my place to pack a few things and take some stuff over to Liberty Campus. I moved about 1/3 of my stuff into the Dorm last night. I have two of my compters setup over there now too so if you go to my webcams I will have those showing my dorm room. I was able to see my RA's again and the SLD's who are already on the hall this whole week. It was nice to say hi and see them once again. They helped me unload my van (that was so much faster then it took to have me load it on my own). But I ended up organizing my room just as it was setup last year and was out of there right before 10:00. I still had a few more loads of laundry to do at the D-bergs so I headed back over there once I finished up with that and ended up staying there for the night. I stayed up and watched some Television with BJ until around 11:00 when she needed to get to bed. After that I started reading another book. The Dryer ended up overheating on my second to last load too. I ended up having to wait about an hour before I could start it again. I was able to get quite a bit of reading done though while I waited. I finally got to bed around 1:45 last night after starting the last load in the dryer to go overnight. I sure was tired by then though.

Then today was another fairly busy day. Work was kind of on the slow side though so that was cool. After work I headed to church. I got there pretty early however so I ended up just sitting in the parking lot reading some more of that book I had started last night. The bible study for tonight was pretty amazing though. I actually took quite a few notes tonight. Maybe if I get a chance sometime I'll be able to orgainze them and post it for you guys. I was glad I went tonight though. Afterwards I had to stay and hang out so I could give Han ride home after worship team practice. During that time I ended up needing to fix the comptuer in the office though. It was messed up pretty back by some kind of spyware programs and everything would seem to freeze up. It was perfect timing though. I finished up with it just as Han was finishing up with practice. So I ran him home and then I was able to go home. I had a few things I needed to take care of here, but then I spent the rest of the evening reading some more. I think I read about 150 pages today. I stayed up kind of later then I should doing it though. Its almost 2:30 now. Oh well, its a good book. But thats it for me now.. I am off to the land of Z's
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 2:15 AM 

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