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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
~ Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Today was a day that shows I'm back on my schedule once again. I stayed pretty busy. I woke up as normal to prepare for my day then hurried over to Theology class. After that I had Biology followed by Convocation. Once Convo was over I had to use my short time between my next class to hunt down and find somebody and give them a book who I had sold it to. I tracked them down fairly easily and got to my next class before it started. We are short five chairs in the class though so I got there just late enough to not have a seat to sit on. I ended up having to just sit on the counter with the few others. I then rushed over to lunch once that class was over to quickly scarf down some lunch and head to work. I needed to stop by the post office on my way to work today. Then, things at work today were a little busy I ended up staying after work today until 6:45 helping some customers that got there right as we were closing. But since I was there so late.. as soon as they left and I closed up completely I had to rush back to campus so I could make it to dinner in time before they closed at 7:00. After returning to my dorm I had two people call me that needed help with thier computers. I tried to walk both of them through some stuff on the phone.. but it turns out I'm going to have to work on them myself. So I kind of setup appointments for each of them. One I was going to do tonight.. but I had a meeting at 9:00 tonight with the leadership team on the hall so He ended up stopping by once that was over. He ended up hanging out a bit to see if it would be a quick fix but he ended up having to leave it so I could run all the diagnostics that I needed to that would take about an hour. While I waited for that to do it's thing I did some reading. I really need to catch up on my books. I now have a back pile of 9 books I have to read. I think thats just over 1500 pages all together. (estimated by thickness) And thats not even including anything I have to read required by my classes. After reading a little bit tonight, I ended up getting into a conversation with both of my roomates and I didn't really get as far as I wanted to. Tonight I also went and talked to my SLD for about an hour just getting to know him better and talking about some things in our lives. So needless to say I think that book pile will grow before it shrinks. As will the "sleep needed" category. Ok well, for now I need to work on that "sleep needed" category and will have to put the book reading pile on hold. So I will write more tomorrow.

PS. I have a lot on my mind tonight, pray I can get to sleep easily.

posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:05 AM 

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