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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Well, I started part time today at work. I had the morning to take care of quite a few errands I needed to do before school starts. I woke up and got ready for the day then I had my devotions and setup some stuff in my room. I then had to drive to the other side of town to drop off something from my cable internet that I deactivated in the apartment. While I was out I grabbed the last few boxes from the apartment and brought them back to my dorm. By this time it was close to lunch so I met up with my roomates and we all went to lunch together. The campus has gotten really crazy in the last few days. I think all the students that are coming for the semester are all here now the dinning hall had huge massive lines today and even around campus its hard to walk without weaving in and out of people. But anyway, once I finally got through all the lines and ate lunch I was off to work for the rest of the day. Things at work were pretty normal though. I don't really have anything specific to report on from there. After work I went back to campus and ate a quick dinner so I could get back to my dorm in time for RHLM. The meeting started at 7:00. It was just a beginner meeting where they talked about a lot of housekeeping things and how things will work this year. It wasn't too bad, it was only about an hour. Once we were free to leave from the meeting I came back to my room and added up all my recepts from the past year. I managed to get them all done tonight too. I'm going to go ahead and put down my results below:

Sophmore Year:
Sister Dorm ----------------$225.65
Brittany and Allie - ---------$326.18
Other People - --------------$259.10
Total Spent on Others - $768.93
Entertainment -------------$119.17
Me - -----------------------$278.56
Car - ---------------------- $2016.29
Sophmore Year Total - $3182.95

Summer 2004
Apartment ------------------$924.07
Car ------------------------- $221.59
Other ---------------------- $149.61
Me ------------------------- $553.99
($181 on stuff I didn't really need but bought anyway)
Summer 2004 Total -------$1849.26

Well, that pretty much covers it. Those are very rough estimates though. They only reflect the recepts I managed to keep. I'm sure there were quite a few things I did that didn't even have a recept. But anyway... thats what I have record of.

Checking E-mail and Organizing those was really all I did after the RHLM meeting. So I basicly covered everything I think. So with that... I think its time for me to head to bed. Night!

posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:23 AM 

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