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Thursday, September 09, 2004
I had trouble staying awake in my classes again today. (I think I stayed up talking to my mom online too much last night.. lol j/k). I dozed off at least a little bit in every class. It was pretty bad. I really like my biology class (its going to be hard but its at least interesting) and I fell asleep in that one too. I did manage to stay awake in Convocation today though. David Nasser spoke again for the service. Today he told his entire testamony and about his family's escape from IRAN. How, looking back now, he knows God was protecting and with them even before they came to christ. It was an amazing story how it all "worked together for good" even for those who didn't trust him. Quite a few came to the Lord this morning because of it too. Before today just over 40 have gotten saved, praise God for that. I didn't get to go to the last service tonight though so I don't know how God worked through it then, but I'm sure God worked in a might way tonight too. I would assume that probalby over 50 got saved total this week. I'll let you know for sure once I find out. I ended up not going to lunch after classes today though, I had a few things I needed to take care of in the finacial office and it took a bit of time to get that done. I then stopped by my dorm for a little bit after that to finish up my devotions that I didn't quite get done this morning. But once I finished up everything, I still had enough time to at least grab take-out before going to work, so I didn't have to starve or anything. Things at work lately have been pretty rough.. we've been swamped lately. There's no time to get bored at least though. Ron and Betty Allen stopped by today to say Hi to me as well, I hadn't seen them for awhile. I tried calling them before but thier number was changed because they were in the process of moving. So I'm glad they stopped in so I could get the new number. Anyway after work I headed on over to church. I was pretty early as usual though, but the Hartmans and the Williamsons were there so I just hung out with the kids until it got closer to time to start. We had a bible study on Ephesians tonight there and it ended up being a pretty good one. I ended up staying afterwards to help with the worship team practice and give Brittany a ride back home. We were at the church until right around 10:30 almost. So anyway I dropped off Brittany and headed back to campus. I had a few things I needed to do tonight once I got back, but over all it was a fairly small list. So I'm able to get to sleep a little earlier tonight. Just after one isn't too bad. But anyway.. I'm off to bed.

PS. I found this and thought I would share it with you Click Here to Read - Maybe we could learn something from the Chinese.

posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:02 AM 

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