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Saturday, September 04, 2004
Well, quite a few things have happend since the last time I did a real blog. Sorry I had to skip out for a few days. I had a personal issue I've been trying to deal with. I just didn't feel like blogging those nights. I'm slowly getting back to myself again but it just isn't going to be easy. I read a pretty good devotion today though and it kind of related to my situation some. It was Sep 3rd's "My Utmost for His Highest" You can read it if you would like . But then I heard a song later that day that I really needed to hear. It is "Blessed Be Your Name" Here are some of the lines in that song:
Blessed be Your name / On the road marked with suffering / Though there's pain in the offering / Blessed be Your name / Every blessing you pour out / I'll turn back to praise / When the darkness closes in / Still I will say / Blessed be the name of the Lord / Blessed be Your name / Blessed be the name of the Lord / Blessed be Your glorious name / You give and take away / You give and take away / My heart will choose to say / Lord Blessed be your name
I was just thinking about those words and realized that God gave for a short time, but now he took away. I need to just give it up (even though there is pain in that offering) and say blessed be your name. That is my challenge for the next few days. As my friend Johnathan told me when I went to his house on tuesday night.. "Sometimes you just have to sacrifice Isaac".

So anyway with that said, I'm just going to try and continue. I was pretty out of it on Wednesday, I actually can't even remember if I made it to all my classes that day. I vaugley remember being at work that day so I know I was as least there. Then after work I tried going to church, I ended up making it to the parking lot but after sitting in my car for a few minutes I just couldn't bring myself to get out of the car and go inside so I just left. I just drove around town for a bit and returned to campus in time for a prayer leader meeting that was at 9:00 that night. Once the meeting was over I pretty much just came back to my room and tried to go to sleep.

Thursday was a day I really have to tell you about though. We had an Aviation field trip! Our class went out to the airport and we mingled around the hangars for about an hour. We had the opportunity to watch them take apart an airplane. We also were able to sit in any of them that we wanted to. I wasn't even going to fly but I was a little nervous just thinking about it. I'm sure once I break that first flight barrier it should come easy. But it sure was a fun class day there. I enjoyed it. The rest of the day was pretty straight forward though. That was really the highlight of the day. It actually was nice because it made me forget about all the other stuff I had going on (which I really needed). Then later after work I went to a missions meeting. I found out about some missions trips they are doing this year and got an application for one. There are two that I would like to do, so if my first choice falls through I should have another option. Also we had hall meeting and prayer groups thrusday evening. I think it went pretty good for me and my group.

Friday, rather then going to convocation I went to ministry chapel instead. It was pretty good on friday. They didn't really have a speaker to talk to us, but instead they just had team leaders from a bunch of ministry teams come up and talk about what thier team did through the year. A few of them did skits or music or dance to demonstrate what it was like as well. It was nice to see it all. Really though the rest of the day was a typical Friday. I finished up classes then headed to work, then just came back to my room to do some homework. I also was called by four people tonight to see if I could work on thier computers for them. I had a lot of homework and reading to do so I decided I would just work on those while I did my homework. I just wanted to stay busy and keep my mind occupied rather then just have to lay there and think trying to go to sleep. I ended up not really sleeping at all. Liberty was doing an all night of prayer thing tonight too, so since I was awake I decided to just take the 4:00am slot. I ended up going up there to the prayer chapel and staying till around 5:15 this morning. Now that its so close to morning I might as well just not sleep tonight. I have to be at work at 8:00 this morning. I'm just going to take a shower and then try and read some more till work. bye for now.

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