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Tuesday, October 26, 2004
Oh man today turned out to be a pretty nice day. I managed to wake up on time..( Not even super tired either) and then gead on over to my Theology class for a supposed test. Turns out the copy machine broke though so he didn't get all the tests printed up. We are just going to have the test one wednesday instead. Even though I slept for a long time yestereday, I was still trying to fight and stay awake through my classes. I didn't really succeed in that too well. Then today we had a special speaker for Convocation. This week is missions emphasis week and we had a missionary come talk to us. This was a woman who went with her husband and some other friends to minister in Iraq (about a year ago) She told us of some stories of what God accomplished through them during thier time there. But then one day they were on a road traveling in a jeep and they were ambushed. A group of people opened fire at them from behind. Multiple rounds were fired through the jeep. The three of her friends were killed instantly and she was shot 23 times and her husband just about as many, but they were still alive (but barely). Her husband then managed to carry her to the nearest medical facility only to fall and go be with the Lord the moment he reached it. Meanwhile his wife was unconcious and the doctors had to put her in a medically induced coma for her to survive the massive injuries. She wasn't able to awake until 8 days later when she finally found out that her husband and the three of her other friends had died and that she had brutal injuries she now had to endure the pain of. She was broken not only physically but also emotionally at this horror that faced her. She then told us how despite all this pain she had in front of her, God seemed to put a Joy and Peace into her heart. She was given more of a desire to reach the evil ones there in Iraq. She also shared a verse that seemed to hit me pretty good. It was John 16:33 "I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In the world you have trouble and suffering, but take courage—I have conquered the world.” I just really enjoyed hearing her testamony today. That was really only the tip of the iceburg of all the stuff she said. It was really good.

So anyway, after Convo was over I headed over to my Philosophy class to finish out the day. Once that was out I had a quick meeting with the missions director of my trip I'm going on to Brazil. I had to find out my next steps for getting a visa on my passport. That was a fairly quick meeting though so I had a few minutes to spare before I needed to get to work. I used it to grab some lunch and then study for a few minutes. I then headed on over to work. Today was the last day Derek was gone, but it was still just Andy and me all day today. We were actually pretty busy though. In a way that was nice however because it made the day fly by quite fast. Once I left work I headed over to the Donneberg's to pick up Allie for drama practice tonight at chruch. I got there a lot earlier then I needed to though, so they ended up feeding me some dinner. I also let them try some of the homemade apple cider my parents sent me. That stuff is really good, too bad its almost gone now.

After getting to the church for practice the first thing we did was work on the skit I have to do on sunday. I think its going to turn out pretty good. I need to figure out some kind of outfit to wear now though. I might have a cool idea though if I can find the shirt I want. But it was pretty fun. After that we did a few impromtu exercises. We had to desribe some things that people should be familiar with and then others had to guess it. Then we did a game where we were in groups of two and we had to act out a scene pulled from a hat.. but it had a twist. For one group had to act out a scene where they were at a restaraunt and the food was horrible. Excpet they had to do it with a happy expression. That was kind of funny. It turns out the one that Allie and I ended up doing was where we were at the altar getting married and I had to go to the bathroom really bad. This time we both had to act bitter towards each other while playing that one out. So while we were getting married I acted all mad at her and said it was all her fault this was happening. Then I blamed it on her mom because she made the iced tea. So we argued back and forth about that. That was rather funny. There were actually quite a few good ones people did for that one. We also did one where we had to act out skits with somebody using somebody else's arms. That was pretty funny. I ended up being a puking flute player with Cindy being my arms. That one turned out kind of interesting I guess would be a good way to describe that one. So anyway after getting done with practice I took Allie back home and I stayed and hung out for about an hour or so after that. Her brother RJ was there tonight to so that was good she was able to see him (because she hardly ever gets to). He and Brittany were just playing songs on the guitar and stuff so we just chilled and watched/sung with them for a bit. RJ had to leave about 45 minutes after we got there though, he was just kind of stopping by to say hi. After that we stayed and watched the first half of CSI but decided I needed to get back to campus so I could have time to finish all the stuff I still had for tonight. I think I'm pretty much done with it all now though. But I had to work on a computer as well and then my roomate and a guy down the hall were also having comptuer problems I needed to check out. So anyway, I'm done playing super hero for now I've done my share of computer fixing for the night. I better get to bed before my geeky sense kicks in and I have the urge to fix somethign else. So with that... I"m out-ie here.
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