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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
Well, I had that test today. I'm not really sure how I did. I didn't leave very confident but I'm pretty sure I at least did better then last time. (Last time I got a 44). I'll let you know how I did as soon as I find out. Today in chapel Phil Keggy ended up doing a few songs for us there. Everybody seemed to really like him. Then the speaker today was the guy who wrote the biography for President Bush. So that was kind of cool to hear what he had to say. My other classes were pretty normal though. Also while I was walking around today my backpack was so heavy the strap ended up breaking on me. It was a solid metal clip that just snapped. It was pretty crazy. I ended up just getting a really fast lunch and left for work early so I could stop at a thrift store on the way. I prayed that there would be a good replacement strap I could buy there. It turns out that there was. It even had more padding on the strap so in a way it is better. But it ended up only being $2 so that aint bad at all. Thank God for his provision there. Then I ended up having a service call to do at work today. I was only in the shop for about 45 minutes today. I ended going out to the buisness a little before 2:00 and then I was there until 7:00 (I needed to stay past our normal closing time to finish). I think I got everything taken care of there that needed to be done, but it kind of made for a long day. I didn't really have any plans after work though so I just returned to my dorm and checked up on a few things. Then I tried to call Jonathan to see if he wanted to do something tonight but I never got an answer. So I just decided to work my photo album some tonight instead. You can see it here. It took me a little longer to do then I was expecting though. I wanted to try and work on the church website a little tonight too, but that probalby won't happen. I'm also currently in the process of working on a girls computer that needed fixin. I'm just about to finish that up and go to bed. Its just really slow though. It takes like an hour to do something that should only take 15 minutes. Good thing I was able to work on other stuff while it did its thing tonight. Anyway, I think thats it for me.. I'm going to head off to bed now.. have a good night!
PS. I stopped shivering or whatever that was last night. I woke up this morning and didn't have any problems.
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:17 AM 

       Read my archived posts! Click Here