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Saturday, October 30, 2004
Well, today was friday and I'm glad for that. I am ready for a weekend. I got to sleep kind of late last night, but I was more awake then usual today. I managed to actually stay awake for the majority of my classes. I was even awake the entire time for my biology class. Then today instead of going to Convocation I decided to go to ministry chapel instead. We had a blue grass band play for us there. They did I'll Fly away and Blessed be your name with banjo's. It was different but cool. Anyway after classes I went to my room and did a few thing before going to work.

Turns out and is gone from work for the rest of the weekend. He is at and Intel convention so it was just Derek and I running the shop this time. Everything actually went pretty well for us. After closing I swung by libety and grabbed myself some to-go dinner and then decided to do some shopping. I'm still trying to find a good outfit to wear for my skit this sunday. I have a backup plan costume but if I can find this one thing I'm looking for I'll be all set. I might give it one more attempt tomorrow. Anyway I was out at the store until around 7:45 then I decided I was going to go over and watch Finding Nemo at the Donneberg's tonight. Brittany was out at scaremare with steve and she asked me if I wanted to go, but considering the line, I just really didn't want to go. Plus I had heard that it wasn't very good this year anyway. But it was fun just hanging out at her house watching a movie with Allie and Jo instead. I ended up being there until about 11:30. After getting back to campus I worked on a little bit of homework, church stuff, and some more e-mail stuff again. I also talked to my mom about some stuff I can do for voting this year. I might still have somehthing I can do (my absentee ballot never came). Then at around 1:00 tonight I was called by the Liberty University Police. The needed me to move my car out of the parking lot I was in tonight. It wasn't against the rules for me to park there or anything though, but they just needed that lot for other purposes tomorrow morning. So I'm glad I didn't try and get to bed before 1:00 tonight or I would have had to wake up and move my car. But anyway, now I think I am going to go to bed though. I need to be at work by 10 tomorrow to help run the store by ourselfs. So good night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:59 AM 

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