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Tuesday, November 16, 2004
Another Monday comes around today. I had to fight to get out of bed again this morning. After the wake up struggle I managed to get ready for class and head out. Today I just had review times in all of my classes because I have tests in all of the same classes coming up on wednesday. It was a pretty normal day of classes however. Convocation today was really really good though. A pastor that has survived 7 strokes told about all that he has gone through and how God has provided, and given him peace through all of it. The message was really good! After classes I then just went to work as usual. It was another routine time there though and nothing really exciting happend there. The day picked up pretty good after I got off work though. There was a lady at my church that was having a bunch of college kids over to teach us how to cook. So I got off pretty much right at 6 and swung by and picked up Allie from her house and then went to campus to pick up Tori and My roomate as well. I was really glad my roomate was able to come tonight. I barely get to spend much time with him outside of our room. But anyway the four of us headed over to her house and joined the rest of the group. There ended up being 12 people there total tonight. We learned how to make porkchops and a potato casserole and then we made a mint chocolate mousee for dessert. It all turned out to be pretty good considering that we were the ones that made it. The pork was a little dry but that was the worst it got.. so it wasn't too bad over all. I had a pretty good time. I had a meeting tonight at 9:30 though so I ended up needing to leave around 9:00 and drop everyone off then get back to the dorm for it. The meeting tonight was ok. It was more of a time to just laugh and build up the leadership team some more as a group. It was another one I probably could have gotten away with not going to. I did find out though tonight that three of the prayleaders on our hall will have to resign there position come next semester. Two of them decided they were just way too busy and couldn't handle doing it another semester and then another one of them will be joining the military. So that just brought up the subject tonight and they were telling us that we would need to let them know soon if we planned on quitting for next semester because they would be in the process of finding replacments starting as soon as we get back from thanksgiving break. It did actually make me seriously think about it. I know the two guys that were quitting because they were too busy to handle it next semester.. and really compared to my schedule they have a walk in the park. I would be completely justified for giving up my postion if I decided to do so. So anyway that was on my mind somewhat tonight.. But God truly had other plans instead. As I was reading and studying tonight two of the guys from my group stopped by at different times and were stuggling with some issues. I had the opportuntity to share some advice and scripture with them and (I think help them out somewhat) Then there was another guy that lives on my hall, but is not in my prayer group, that came to me for some advice because he felt like I really cared about people and would honestly work with him. So I had three amazing opportunties to connect and bond with some guys on my hall tonight. Just that time made it worth all the meetings and all the time spend organizing groups every week. There is no way I can give up that! Just when the devil tried to show up and get me to think about quitting, God stepped in and allowed his purpose to show though. It was just great how that all worked out. I get the chance to help out a guy here and there sometimes but I never had three in one night before. When they are just coming because its the thursday night thing to do is so much different then when they come to you on their own time because they actually want to hear what you have to say. Another great thing about all this was in helping out these guys tonight, some of the things I told them I needed to hear myself as well. I have some stuff work on.
Amongst all of this I still needed to study for my tests tomorrow. I was able to get done the most pressing studying I needed to do, I think I'm just going to have to hand the rest over to God and pray he will help me recal all I've read and heard. I have a pretty good feeling about these coming up tomorrow though. I'm still a little worried about the three I have on Wednesday however. So anyway keep me in your prayers during these next few days. God is the only thing keeping me running right now. Only 4 more days and I can have some time to relax. Bye for now.
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