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Friday, November 05, 2004
Everything was pretty normal today classwise. I did have that test in my Aviation class though - that was a little rought this time. We had to plot out specs with flight charts and make calculation according to windspeed and air pressure. There was just a lot of stuff we had to do for the test. I don't know how well I did... I'll have to let you know when I get it back. After all my classes were over I headed back to my room really quick before going to work to grab a jacket. It was pouring down rain pretty bad on my way to work and it was fairly cold outside. But I got to work a little early today and jumped right into fixing the computers. We were very very busy today. Every bench was full as far as computers to work on and we had about 7 waiting in line under the bench. I worked pretty hard to today to keep up, but it didn't even feel like we made that big of a dent today.. Oh well tomorrow should go a little better. After work I came back and grabbed some take out dinner and went to my room to study the rest of the night. I realized I need to read about three chapters each out of like four of my text books. I have tests in all of my classes next week. I finished reading two out of my philosophy book tonight. I also had to work on three people's computers tonight while I did that. Then I had to take a break for about an hour and go to hall meeting and do my prayergroup stuff. Instead of doing a lesson tonight I had a survey for the guys to do instead that reflected thier spiritual life. That took about 10 minutes or so, so I didn't teach. I just took requests and had prayer after they were done with that. Then once they all left I did a little more homework. But then I had a phonecall from a friend that was stuggling with a relationship and really needed someone to talk to and a little guidance. I gave a few encouraging words and was an ear to listen for them.. I hope I helped a little bit. I think we talked for about 15 minutes or so. Through the books I've read on dating and relationship and the first hand experiences I've gone through personally in that area - they have really been helpful in dealing with people going through the same thing. I've haven't really had to help people in that area in the past but lately its been all around me and God had really used those experiences and knowledge to counsel and help others in need. Everything truly does work together for good. Sometimes you just have to take time to sit and see the big picture. Othertimes no matter how hard you look you just can't see the big pictures yet... thats when you have to wait and let it be revealed to you in due time. But either way, just remember when God paints the picture it will always be beautful when fully uncovered.
So anyway, I think I've finished up all I can do for tonight. Its time for me to head to bed. I hope you all have a great night and a great Friday tomorrow. G'night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:36 AM 

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