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Thursday, December 30, 2004
Dude.. I've been slacking pretty good lately. I missed like two whole days of blogging. I guess I've just been having too much fun visiting with my friends and family. Of Course monday wasn't really all that much fun. I ended up having to go to the dentist. It was defentatly time for me to go though. It has been a really long time since I went last. Turns out I had one small cavitiy - he recommended I have that filled then because If I waited a "really long time" again like I seem to do, it would end up being a really bad problem. So I had to get poked with a needle and then drilled into for a bit. Thats what I call a good time... =) Anyway once he had that all taken care of he then just went through and did the general cleaning and also I found out I will end up needing to have my wisdom teeth pulled sometime very soon. Thats not going to be too fun.
Ok well once I came out of my appointment we went out and did a few errands and stuff. I had to go take care of a problem that my parents were having with thier internet service. We had to drive like 25 minutes to get to the right place so we could replace a component that went bad. But in the end it all worked out so They were happy. Later monday evening we all went over and visited with my pastor some more. We went to his house and ended up watching "Princess Diaries 2" I really wanted to see that movie so that was good I had the chance. While I was there I also did some more setup work on his new computer. So it was just a nice evening of relaxing over there.
Then come tuesday it turned out that both of my parents had to go back to work so I spend the better part of the morning home by myself. I had a lot of reading I wanted to get done though so that gave me a good chance to make a good dent in it. Around 1:00 my grandma showed up and we went out for some good Quizno's sandwitches. After lunch I decided it would be fun to go surpise my mom at work. She has been wanting me to go and see it but monday she got off early so that didn't work out. Then today I normally wouldnt have because I didn't have a car there anymore (both my parents took them to work). But since my grandma had a new set of wheels she was sportin around it worked out for us to go check out her work. I was glad I made it out there though. She works at a daycare and it was fun to see all the kids and play with them for a little bit. After we got done there we just came back to the house and stayed there for awhile until my Dad got home. While we were waiting for my dad though Allie had got online for a bit and I was able to talk to her for awhile. I was glad though too because I missed them over in Virgina. She was busy getting packed up and ready for thier trip to Florida though so we didn't get to talk too much. Shortly after she left though my dad came home and he started cooking dinner. during that time the house started to come alive. All my friends knew it was my last day there so they started showing up one after another. First it was Dave, then Danny.. eventually Becca and Katie showed up again. Later both my Aunt and Uncle came back to the house to see me once more too. Then Melissa was able to get herself to the house as well. We had a big ol get together for the last time Tuesday night. It was great and I do miss being able to do that more often. Eventually the night drew to a close and people had to start leaving again. I said my final good-byes (at least till next time) and off they went. Becca and Katie stuck around to stay the night though. I then had the task of packing all my bags back up and organizing my room. I ended up getting to bed shortly after 12:00 last night.
Now comes my trip home.. I had to wake up at 5:30 this morning in order to be ready to head to my flight that departed at 8:30. Its good I started early though because I really needed every minute. At first we hit some traffic on the way into the airport. That was bad because my dad had to head straight to work after dropping me off. By the time we got to the terminal he was running realy late so I just had to say a really quick goodbye to him and hug him in the car (which was actually rather difficult) then I had to just snag my bags and head inside while he drove off to work (I hope he made it on time) Becca and Katie had come along too but in a different car. They ended up just parking in the short term parking and walking with me inside while I got my bags checked and everything. I ended up getting into the wrong line twice.. (yeah I know I'm good huh). Well first I went to the US Airways terminal because that was the service I used flying out of Roanoke to Seattle so I figured it would be the same both directions.. nope I was wrong. After I got point to the right Service I then ended up in the First class only line, which would have been ok if I was first class!!! But no... not this time.. I had to wait in the 10 minute long coach line. Finally We just decided to do the electronic check-in which had a slightly shorter line. I wasn't able to ask if they needed me to step back and take a later flight though because of that. Oh well at least I was finally checked in and ready for the next phase.. Security.. yeah you know how this goes. I had to say good bye to becca and katie at this point though because they couldn't go further unless they had a ticket. So We parted there and I waited in the line for a really really long time. I think that process ended up taking right around an hour to get through the line. I didn't get stopped or anything.. but there was just so many people. Finaly once I was in I had to shuttle over to the other side of the Port to get to my gate. By the time I made it there it was five minutes until boarding time. I had made it just in time. This first fligh was just under 5 hours long. It was good though, they had a breakfast service on that flight. I also asked the flight attendant to have her route all the telecommunication though to the chanell on the arm rest again.. so I was able to listen to the radio comms again. It was a lot more interesting this time though because we hit a lot of turbulence through the flight so they had to keep changing course and alitude and stuff. The ride was rather bumpy still. I managed to finish reading one book I had started a long time ago "Making Small Groups Work" and then I also started and finished another book I brought along called "Epic" I was glad to get those done.. I've been trying to have those read since the begining of the semester. By the time I finished the second book it was only 30 minutes left of the flight.. so I just sat and tried to consentrate on something completely different then the fact that I had to go pee really bad. I had to go since halfway through the flight but I was on a window seat and there were three others I would have had to make get up in order for me to get out and go.. I decided to just hold it.. I survived though and finally made it to the Men rooms as soon as I left the terminal. This time I had landed in DC so I had to find my way around all over again. I ended up having to ride a bus (provided by United Air) in order to get to the other gate where my next fight was. That was kind of weird.. I was surpised they didn't have subway or some kind of walkway for that. This last flight was on one of those small express planes so I had to walk out on tarmac to get to it. This flight was only a 45 minute flight though so that was pretty much up an down. I barely had a chance to finish a chapter in one of the other books I had brought along. Once I landed I then gathered up my bags and went to find Jonathan. We must have missed each other somewhere in the mix though because he ended up behind me and we waited for like 10 minutes for each other when we finally realized what had happend. It was a good thing we finally found each other though or that could have gotten kind of messy. (I'm glad Jonathan is getting a cell phone in a few weeks). Jonathan and I had a great talk about all kind of different stuff on the drive back and it was nice to catch up with him again. I ended up getting back in to Lynchburg around 7:45 tonight and I realized my church was still in session. Jon had to get back to his house though so he didn't want to come join me at church.. but I just dropped him off at his house.. (Thanked him for his services.. lol) and then headed back to my church before I even went home. It was good to say hi to all the people there again. It seemed like I was gone for longer then a week. I didn't stay too long after like I normally do though because I needed to unpack and I was anxious to see Jugee back at the house (She didn't go to church for some reason). So I got back home and settled myself in at my other home away from home. Well sorry about the long entry this time.. I guess thats what happends when you have to catch up on three full days worth of stuff. Anyway I'm back in VA once again.. and I'm ready to get back to work bright and early tomorrow morning. Good night Ya'll!!!
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