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Sunday, December 26, 2004
Well guys.. I've failed you all. I wasn't able to post for the last two nights. Two nights ago I ended up laying on my bed while all my friends were in my room hanging out and the next thing I know I am waking up at 4:30 in the morning for a bathroom call when I realized I fell asleep fully clothed and everybody had left and my mom just threw a blanket over me. So I guess I didn't get a chance to blog before I went to bed that night. But anyway that day I mostly just spent time with my mom and my Grandma. My grandma ended up coming into town and she took us out to lunch then we all went shopping after that. Then after we got back home Danny, Katie, and Becca came over and we all had some dinner together. We hung out again for a bit and went to go get some more slurpee's (Which I stained my shirt with).. but by about 10:30 I layed down on my bed and that was the last thing I remembered.

Then last night I ended up staying at my Grandma's house and it just didn't work out for me to Blog while I was there so I had to skip it. But I'll go ahead and fill you in with my Christmas Eve since I know you're all dying to listen to the details. It started out with me sleeping in until around 10:00. That was a good feeling to be able to do that. So I then just got ready for my day and then Katie came over for a little while. We were all packing up some stuff to head to my Grandma's house for the next few days. Once we got everythign all ready Katie headed home and We hit the road to Tacoma "To Gramma's house we go" Our family usually just opens our presents on Christmas Eve and then just do Stocking on christmas morn.. so this year wasn't any different. After we arrived at Grandma's My Aunt and Uncle the showed up shortly after. We had a good time of talking and family fellowship then we chowed down some Christmas dinner. Once everything settled down we had a time of reading the Christmas story then dove in on Gift opening. This year I got a lot of clothes but I guess thats was good because I was running short on some winter paraphanelia. I did get a new study bible though so that was kind of nice. Its a little bigger then I had hoped but I can make it work. It was just a lot of fun being able to see other people open thier gifts and stuff. But anyway it was a good time just being with the family last night. My Aunt and Uncle ended up leaving awhile after all the gifts ran out, but my family stayed the night at gramma's. My sister and I slept out in the living room and I ended up falling asleep out there again while everyone was running around doing their thing. I was the last one to wake up again Christmas morning, and they were all waiting for me, so we could all open our stockings together. I got a lot of good nicknacks to fill up my Dorm room again this year and then I got some candy too. People went a little easier on the candy for me this year though. I'm kind of glad about that though because I think I still have some candy left in my dorm from last christmas. After stockings we just waited around until lunch time. My dad and I studied for a bit, then I caught up with some friends back in VA through the internet. Eventually it was finally time to eat and we chowed down on the good turkey grub my grandma had cooked up for us. Shortly after we ate though we needed to get ready to leave. Becca and I were supposed to stop in at a Christmas party back at home later. So we had to pack things up and head back to Seattle a little after 4:00. We packed the car really really full but we ended up getting everything. On the way back home we stopped by and checked out a new building my dad might be working in from now on. But then we came straight home after that. Once we got back Katie met up with us and we headed over to the Christmas Party. this was just a big open house type thing that some good friends of ours were putting on. They have a really nice house right along the beach (only about 10 minutes from our house). So we stopped in and visited with lots and lots of my old friends who were all there tonight. Then of course there was lots off random food I got full on through the evening. I had a great time seeing all of my old friends once agian while I was there. Becca and Katie and I decided to leave and return back home around 10:00 though so we could get everything ready from being gone most of the day then head to bed. I have to be at church in the morning and I am tired again! So I'm going to just start to crawl into my bed and I'll probably fall asleep before I even turn over. So anyway. Good night!

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