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Sunday, January 23, 2005
The last few days have actually been pretty eventful. Friday I figured out what the last of my classes were. One of my classes was a Biology Lab that lasts two hours.. but all we really did was I had to go to class to sign my name to verify I was there. Then he let us go. That was really nice because I was able to use that extra time to check out some stuff taking a CLEP test. I decided I was going to attempt to take one this coming monday for my marketing class. If i pass it I can then drop that class and ease off my schedule a little bit. That would be cool if I could. So keep me in your prayers for that. After classes I went to work as ususual and once we closed I headed back to campus. I ended up meeting up with Jonathan later that evening and we had a time of just talking up at the Lahay student center. I hadn't been there before so it was cool to go check that out. He needed to go meet someone shortly after that though so we only hung out for a little over an hour. Once he left Allie and I ended up walking around campus just seeing what kind of new stuff they had. I hadn't even gone through the new tunnel yet since it has been built so we went through that and walked on East campus to see some of the stuff they had over there. After that we decided we were going to watch a movie on my laptop somewhere around campus. We went from room to room trying to find somewhere but everythign was really really crowded. So we just went and sat in the Vines center and just watched a movie there. After that we just headed back to the dorms for the night. I still had some homework I needed to do so I went and got that all taken care of.

Then this morning I had to wake up and go to work. Turns out I was able to leave two hours early today though. The ice and snow started really coming down outside so he told me if I wanted to leave so I could get back home safely I could. Unfortuantly after I left it stopped snowing and stuff so the roads never really even got that bad. I could have stayed at work and still gotten home again alright.. but since I didn't know that at the time, I just had a whole extra two hours to hang out today. After getting back to campus Han needed a ride to the Mall so he could get a new prescription for his glasses. Britt was going to take him to do it, but she is a fairly new driver still and since I was able to... I decided it would be better if I just drove him. So Allie, Britt, and Han and I all went to the mall to get that taken care of. We then stopped for lunch after that and met up with Steve there. It was nice to just sit and relax for awhile eating lunch. I started falling asleep though so I needed to finally just get up and go somewhere. We wandered the mall for a little while and then left for Home. I had to drop off Han at the dorm and Allie had to get something from her dorm.. but then we all (minus Han) went back to the Donnebergs house to get some homework done and have some dinner. I also needed to run by the church to make sure the powerpoint was setup. While I was there I was stopped by pastor John and we talked about some things for awhile too. Anyway once we finished all our homework at the Donnebergs Britt, Allie and I returned to campus and we played some Capture the Flag in the snow with the brother/sister dorm. It was pretty fun, but it could have been much better if things were organized a little better. We were outside for probably three hours playing games and figuring stuff out. But the games kind of died out and people dispursed about 40 minutes before curfew. It was all pretty fun though. Anyway.. I need to wake up early tomorrow for church so i'm going to get to bed. Good night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 2:28 AM 

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