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Monday, January 24, 2005
Today was a fairly good day for me. I woke up earlier then normal so I could go eat breakfast with Allie before we went to church this morning. But when we got there they were still closed even at 8:15. I don't know if it was due to snow or what. But anyway.. we just had to forget about it and head to church. By the time I got about 3/4 of the way to church I realize I was supposed to pick up Tori still, but I had forgot since we were supposed to get her after breakfast and we never ate. So I had to turn around and head back to campus again to swing by and get her. Once we got to church I needed to work on the powerpoint all over again because the pastor decided to change around all the songs and even the sermon because he wanted to do the sermon he was planning on doing today for a crowd when more would show up. But anyway.. even with the snow and Ice thier was a very good turn out. I was kind of surprised. The sermon today was pretty good. He talked about how we can deal with those in authority above us when they are hard to live with, such as your boss, ect. He basicly brought it down to how we can't always affect how they treat us.. but we can affect how we act/react to those situations. We just need to do the best we possibly can and then we need to work on the "and them some" priciple where you give more then what is required. If you don't go to sleep tired every night then that means you didn't do enough service that day.

Anyway after church I ended up going to the D-bergs house and hung out there for the afternoon and till early evening. We had a pretty good lunch, then Allie and I played some Nintendo for awhile. (kirbys dream course) It was actually quite fun and humorus too. I had a great time doing that. Once we finally finshed with that we went out and rented "The Village" and picked up some stuff to make cookies and cinnimon rolls for tonight. We just chowed down on the goods and watched the movie. I fell asleep though so I didn't really even get to see that much of the movie. I had seen it already though and it is very good. While I was there I also helped Chuck work on a few things computer related. Allie and I headed back to campus around 9:30ish. I had to park in the pit tonight though because all the normal places were taken, so it was just a long walk back in the 14 degree weather. Anyway.. we made it back alright. I need to get to bed now though and shutup because I have a CLEP test to take tomorrow and I want to be somewhat rested up for that. So I am going to bed. Night!
posted by Jeremy Dillinger @ 1:43 AM 

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