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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Well, everybody. Its been awhile since I've had a chance to write a decent blog. I've been busy with lots of things I've been working on the last few days. Yesterday I woke up early and went to LU campus yesterday with Allie before work. We went around and got her signed up with her new Student ID and checked out the book store and cost of books and stuff. We then stopped by the Post office to get her a PO box for the school. (We couldn't do that yet though). Anyway then I had a full day of work afterwards, and in a way, I'm glad I'm not full time all the time. My legs get really tired from standing all day at work and the day seems to just drag on. I've been anxious to leave and just sit down most nights. Anyway, yesterday night after work Allie and I went out to eat at Tokyos then we had a two hour meeting for Drama Practice. I was really tired last night so I didn't really get that much out of the meeting. I was kind of out of it. Allie and I left pretty much right after it was over. After getting back home, Jo sent us out to grab some needed items from the store. So we ended up going by Wal-mart and taking care of that. Once we got back I then sat down with Chuck and helped walk him through getting setup for E-bay. We are planning on looking for some good deals on a Flat Panel monitor for them. I also looked into prices for buying my books online. I wouldn't have really saved that much money by going that route this semester, so I decided I would just get them from the book store at LU. I ended up going to sleep last night before Chuck and Jo even turned in for the night. That was very unusual.

Then this morning I had to wake up early all over again. This time though it was because I had a service call I needed to go and take care of at 8:30 this morning. We were supposed to go and setup a server for the people and make everything in the office for them work on the internet. Well.. things didn't go exactly as planned. Problem #1: They didn't have an internet provider setup for the building (that is needed for us to set them up on the internet of course). Problem #2: None of the computers they had there had network cards in them. (that is also required for us to connect them together to share the internet). Problem #3: The place they had for us to setup the server had no place to plug anything in and it was full of paper and boxes. (we managed to fix this but with much hassle). So anyway Andy and I did all we could do this morning. Get the server plugged in and up and running. We will have to go back again once they get the other issues worked out. After we left there I asked if I could run by Liberty real quick and get my books for this semester. It was supposed to work out nicely so I would end up meeting Allie, Britt, and Han there and we could all get books together. Turns out the three of them were running late and I couldn't stay any longer so I just had to get my books and head to work. I did find all my book today but unfortunatly the total I had to spend on them was about $380 if I remeber right. That was with all used books too.. I'm glad I got there early before the Used books were gone or I would have ended up spending over $400 for them all. While I was waiting for those people mentioned above that never showed up!! I ran into Dane Emerik and had a good talk with him for about 15 minutes. He asked me if I wanted to come over for dinner at his house sometime this week or next. Of course I wasn't going to turn that down. We were going to work on the details for that a little later after I check out my schedule and stuff. Anyway after getting all my books purchased, I returned to work and slaved away there for another full day. I had a few things to do today sitting down though so that made it nicer... but I did have trouble with drowzyness doing that however. Anyway the day went fairly smooth and once we closed I headed back to the Donnebergs for the evening. Chuck and I then ran out to drop off some stuff over at the Millers house and returned just in time for some good home cooking. Jo made some very good pork chops for supper tonight. When I ate I realized that was the only thing I had eaten since 8:00 that morning. I was pretty hungry. After supper I went out and picked up Jonathan and we decided to go to the park with Jake and walk around and have our talk doing that tonight. It was kind of fun, but at one point Jake saw a cat and got pretty riled up. We had to get going shortly after that. It was very nice hanging out and talking about guy stuff with him. We decided after that to just come back to the Donnebergs and visit for awhile. Once we got here I ended up falling asleep on the floor. I woke up and found out Jonathan had already left. I was sad I didn't get to say good bye to him, but Allie told me that Jonathan said to just let me sleep. So.. per his request I did.. lol. Brittany ended up just giving him a ride home. After waking up I just took care of a few e-mails and stuff I needed to do on the computer tonight, then I also did a little bit of laundry and fixed a fan on Jo's computer. But that pretty much covers my night. I'm getting pretty sleepy now (glad I had a nap though). ANyway I should get to bed. Good night!
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