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Monday, February 14, 2005
Ok, I think I have a few days I need to catch up on here now don't I? Well I guess I'll start from the friday. Friday was a pretty good day We actually had a birthday party for me after school & Work. I ended up getting the packages from my sisters just in time for it too. Right after work we gathered at Vinnys for some italian food for dinner, then we went back to the D-bergs house for dessert and we just hung out and talked for awhile while we waited for Brittany to get off work to join us. I just had a good time haning out there. It was a little hard because I was pretty tired though so I wasn't really that active or anything. Once Britt got off work I was able to open all my presents. I got some pretty good stuff too. I got a new Scrabble Game, A really cool looking shirt, tons of socks (from my sisters), a "Teach yourself Portuguess CD", Allie also got me a really nice winter coat. I really liked it too, unfortunatly it was a little small. She was kind of upset about that =(. Chuck gave me a coupon that reflects free bonding time with him... (thats not really what it was, but it will hold that purpose), I got a model airplane I can build (if I find the time) and plus a bunch of other little goodies of which there are too many to mention. So thankyou everybody for all you got for me. I felt really loved on my Birthday and that was the best part. =) I did get most of the party on video too, so I was able to put my camera to use. When I get a chance I'll upload the clips online for you all to see. I ended up just staying there at the house until close to curfew and then we came back to campus. We kind of cut it close but we made it.

Then on Saturday I just had a rough day as you saw from my last post. I had to be at work by 8:00 and I had to work through to 3:00. I didn't get to eat breakfast because I had to be there so early, and then I also didn't want to eat lunch because I was going to fly a few hours later and I didn't want to see my lunch twice. I think the combo of lack of sleep and no food along with other thoughts racing through my head that day I was just totally drained by days end. I did have energy when I got to the airport and my flight turned out to be really good. My takeoff and taxi was much better today and the nausia wasn't even quite as bad (still there though). While we were up flying around my instructor wanted to see how I handled plane stalls so he had me stall the airplane and recover from it a few times... that was a pretty fun experience. So the flight did take quite a bit out of me saturday though so once we were on the ground and started talking about the stuff, I could feel the mental & physical weiriness kicking in. After I left the airport I tried to hurry back to campus so I could get some dinner since I hadn't eaten all day, but I just missed it by 7 minutes and they wouldn't let me back in. That was bad because I needed to eat really bad. Luckily Allie called me up and asked me if I wanted to come over for dinner at her house. I accepted the offer and went to her house instead. When I got there I felt like I was practically going to passout or something and I just had to lay on the couch and relax for awhile until dinner was ready. After I did get some food into me I did start to feel a little better but not completely. After Britt got off work though Allie and I went and met her at the movie theater because we wanted to go see Ladder 49. By the time we got there the only open seats (of three or more) was in the very very front. It was pretty uncomfortable sitting up there and it kind of hurts your neck to do that. But we made it through and I still enjoyed myself. In a way I might have rather just stayed at the house and watched a movie relaxed on the couch though. After the movie was over Allie and I just went back to campus and returned to our dorms. Once I got back all the stresses on my body started to kick in and I wasn't feeling well and My brain hurt almost. Then while working on other stuff before bed, things just got worse and eventually I just couldn't take it anymore. I needed to sleep and get the day over with. So yeah.. that brings us into the next post above...
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