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Saturday, April 09, 2005
Hey everybody! I'm actually awake tonight and I have the energy to write a good blog. I ended up sleeping really well last night, and also part of my energy now is residual left over from the awsome first "offical" date Allie and I went on tonight. Oh and just on a side note.. my girlfriend is amazing!! I'll speak more on that later but to start things off tonight, maybe I'll fill you all in with the great thing that has happend in my life. It all started on Wednesday (April 6th). The lord has been telling me clearly lately that the time to act and move forward has come. I knew I needed to act and not wait any longer. So on tuesday I had some counseling by a very wise great man that means a lot to me (Also Allie's Poppa) and the final cicumstance lined up and allowed me to proceed. So Tuesday night I went and did some shopping at a few places to gather a bunch of flowers (about 80 or so), some poster board, Candy, stuffed animals, balloons.... basicly all the ingredients for my recipe to ask out the girl that has captured my heart.

Once I had all my ingredients it was time to prepare.. I ended up staying awake until around 2:30 getting everything setup. I even wrote a poem all by myself! I put each verse of the poem on a different poster board using large print that I typed out on the computer. By the time I was done.. I was too excited to sleep. I did end up laying down and attempting to sleep but I think I only got about two hours of sleep that night. If you know me at all.. if I can't sleep over something its gotta be huge.. because I can sleep through anything.

So wednesday morning comes around. I was up at about 5:30 getting things finalized and ready to go. (I couldn't sleep anyway so it didn't matter how early it was). I soon got the call from Allie's Roomate Adrian telling me she was awake taking a shower so we had to act now. I ran up to her dorm bringing the first load of flowers. The first load was about 60 or so roses of different colors. I had Adrian lay out all the flowers on the stairwell path coming from her room all the way to the exit of the dorm. Allie is on the second floor so the path went all the way around the steps down and to the bottom. The next part was to set up the posterboards (with the parts of my poem) on different areas she would read on the way down to meet me at the bottom. I then had some balloons setup to decorate around these posters. After all that was done I went back for the final load of stuff. These last things would be items I would hold and give to her as soon as she got outside. These items included.. my own boquet of flowers I arranged myself. A stuffed Eyore that sang "Your are my sunshine" (she loves Eyore) and then a giant Hersheys Kiss and some of the Tolberone Triangle choclate candy. Once it was setup.. I just had to wait. My good buddy Jonathan came by early that morning to stand with me while I waited. Before I continue I should also let you know one of the reasons I picked this wednesday to do this was because it was assessment day here at Liberty. Every single student was required to go to the 8:00 assessment and most of us were in the same room doing that. I knew everybody would be awake and see this happening on thier way to class. While I waited down at the bottom of her dorm I was courious why hardly anybody came out of the dorm to go to the class.. I think they all found out what was happening and they all waited for Allie to leave first. So I was stuck outside just waiting.. the excitment was flowing through my viens.

Finally I see the door open up and out comes this georgious girl who would soon realize what she has just walked out into. She reads the first Poster... It says:
Allie Murray
Don't hold your breath
and don't turn blue
but check this out
Its all for you

I then see as she walks further out the girls of her dorm following her out, one of them with a video camera. Allie is so stunned she walks very slowly as she gracfully moves down the stairs to the next poster that reads:

Allie Murray
Open your eyes,
take a look around
I'll be waiting for you
when you reach the ground

Again.. very slowly she moves on. Now at this stage she goes out of my sight and around the bend of the steps. I wait in anticipation as I know she is back there reading this next poster:
Allie Murray
The time to wait has now parted.
The time to act has just started.
I know we'll fly, as our dreams unfold.
If I make the leap, will you grab hold.

It seems as if a minute passes before she come out again to where I can see her. Now she is at the bottom of the steps just about to exit the building. Then she sees on the glass door in front of her the final poster. While she was reading this I was standing just on the opposite side of the glass in plain view.. this last poster had written on it:

Allie Murray
Your Beauty and Grace astound me.
Your tender voice surrounds me
Beybond all doubt, I'm ready to sprout
Right here and now, I'm asking you out!

As she reads the last line of my poem she opens the door and comes walking towards me. During those few seconds from the door to my hand I see the biggest smile upon the most beautiful face looking at me with those sparkling green eyes.. I can barely say "So what do you say" when am greated with a huge hug and a comforting "YES!!" It takes me a second or so to remember that I still had gifts to hand to her. I place the boquet of flowers in her hand along with the stuffed Eyore. The Chocolate I had to keep still however because her hands were already full. At this moment I look up and see the Video camera is still rolling and waiting for the results. I direct up to them a big thumbs up along with a smile so big my lips begin to hurt. Over the next few hours I was still in a state of excitement and still trying to let everything sink in. Since we were going the same way after that we walked together to the Vines center where we would attempt to complete assessment day. I could barely write my name when I had to because my hands were shaking from adrenaline and excitement. Allie was having the same problem too. --- This was the morning that has kept me on an emotional high for the past few days. I will say again.. my Girlfriend is amazing!!!

Being that this was a typical wednesday we still had all of our regular responsiblities to attend to. So we had to continue with class and then we both had to go to work. After work, we then had the normal wednesday night church. I was able to stay awake through the entire service for once too. We did get to spend a little time togetherr after the service when Allie rode with me to take Barbra (an older lady in my church) home for the night. We coudln't really do much else that evening though because both of us had major homework to do. We found a way to still be together and get homework done though.. its called late night sign out to the comptuer lab. We ended up being out until around 2:00 enjoying being just in the presence of each other while we studied for our classes. When we headed back that night the axillaration from the morning was still present even after I dropped her off at her dorm and returned to mine. It was a good thing I still had that energy though because upon my return I still needed to finish up with the group research paper that was due the next day. My group is pretty bad though and they procrastinate the worst I have ever seen. I didn't get the final information from them all until around 3:00ish that night. Then I still had to compile it all together and proof read everything. I didn't end up getting to sleep until around 4:00 that night, then I had to wakeup at 6:00 to get ready for class and be there early to get the rest of my groups aproval on the paper. I was so out of it Thursday because of the massive sleep deprivation I endured over those days. I will tell you it was well worth the cost!

Anyway then today was over all a fairly normal day until after work. I was excited to get off work because I would have the privledge of eating dinner with the most georgious girl on campus when I got there. But thats not all, I then was able to take her out to see a play put on by Libety Univeristy Fine Arts called "AIDA". Britt, Jo and Jugee came along to watch it with us also. The play was really really good and I enjoyed it a lot. Once it was over though Britt, Jo and Jugee headed home for the evening while Allie and I went out and had some icecream and french fries followed by a nice brisk walk under the stars. For our first offical Date I would say it was a blazing success. I returned my lovely date to her dorm and we turned in for the night. The End!
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